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Cash or Card?

Cash Registers & Payment Methods

At the root of it, cash registers have one function: handling payments.
But over time, methods of payment have changed — and so have the tools and processes to handle them.

Late 19th Century: Only Cash Payments

The earliest cash registers were designed to only manage cash payments. They did so with two primary features:

  • Cash drawer: a safe place to store cash
  • Calculator: summing up total bills and exact change
Late 20th Century: Introduction to Electronic Payments [EFTPOS]

Electronic payments was a big turning point for cash registers, adding an entirely new mode of payment into the mix. This is when EFTPOS terminals became an additional feature in cash registers.

Now: Consistent Decline of Cash Payments in Australia

of payments were made in cash – 2007


of payments were made in cash – 2013


of payments were made in cash – 2016

Australia is predicted to be completely cashless by 2026.

But what does this mean for the future of cash registers and cash tills?


Kounta POS Cash Register

Kounta POS Cash Registers are designed with the past, present, and future of payments in mind. We bring together the solid functionality of tills with the advanced and adaptable payment features of the future.

Secure & solid equipment

Kounta uses hardware that is solid, portable, and built to last. The equipment is durable and secure giving it the ability to withstand busy day-to-day operations.

  • Manage & monitor cash drawer access
  • Avoid regular hardware replacements

Flexible payment features

Kounta POS Cash Register allows for different payment options: cash, card, e-wallet. And it speaks directly to the EFTPOS terminal, preventing human errors during payments.

  • Accept payments by card, cash, e-wallet & more
  • Prevent EFTPOS keying errors

Traditional Cash Registers vs
Kounta POS Cash Registers

FeaturesTraditional Cash RegisterKounta POS Cash Register
Keypad / touchscreenCheck IconCheck Icon
Calculating billsCheck IconCheck Icon
Printer for receiptsCheck IconCheck Icon
Cash drawerCheck IconCheck Icon
EFTPOS terminalCheck Icon
Split billsCheck Icon
Automated discounts (eg happy hour)Check Icon
Automated taxes/surchargeCheck Icon
Sales summaries/reportsCheck Icon
Customised access for authorised staffCheck Icon
Automatic reconciliation to accountingCheck Icon

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Kounta POS

More than your Ordinary Cash Register

Kounta POS Cash Registers are designed to address specific pain points in hospitality businesses.
Some of its benefits are:

Fast & flexible payments

  • Speedy service: Ring up transactions, split bills, add tips, and apply surcharges – all with the tap of a button.
  • Integrated payment: Eliminate human error. Your cash register and payment terminal are synced which means your card reader automatically reflects the payable amount.
Gelato Messina, Australia
20 Venues. Powered by Kounta since 2014

Change menu items & pricing effortlessly

  • Do you have a special for the day, a discontinued item, or an updated price? Jump on the backend and make the changes in a matter of seconds.
  • Automate specials like happy hour, surcharges, and taxes.

Take orders & payments anywhere

  • With a cloud POS cash register, your staff can take orders and payments anywhere in the venue. With synced devices, all orders and digital payments will be communicated back to the central cash register.
Creperie Suzette, Sydney
1 Venue. Powered by Kounta since 2017
Kounta Bar POS
Theodore’s, Melbourne
1 Venue. Powered by Kounta since 2019

Assign orders efficiently

  • Assign orders to tables, takeaway or delivery. Instantly print production dockets in the kitchen, bar, or wherever an item needs to be produced.

More than your Ordinary Cash Register

Kounta believes in end-to-end solutions. Our cash registers do not stop at handling payments.

We understand that handling payments, although crucial, is just the start. To run a successful business, you need tools for growth. Kounta brings these tools together and integrates them into one central system: your POS cash register. This gives you the ability to:

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