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Batch Brewing Company brews beer the traditional way, hand crafted and batch by batch. They started serving the local neighbourhood, but it didn’t take long for them to take over Sydney.

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Instagram post 18045866032220832 Cold brew bubbles. All of our products are curated and produced in house. #batchbrewing #qualitycontrol #coldbrewing #magicalcoldbrew #quechuacoldbrew #typicacoffee
Instagram post 17977358275247768 That’s all folks. This is my haul from the #michigan trip. ⁣⁣
Who wants some #beermail ?⁣
One Well⁣
•Straight Forward | Ripped Right | Whoppy | Xalapa | State of Bean | Only Gose to Show⁣
Old Nation⁣
• 5 Acre | Ten Penny | Woodshed⁣
Batch Brewing⁣
•Empire Pale Ale | Zrbtt⁣
•Papa’s Bier⁣
•Wedding Ale | Hopsoulution | Smitten | Kalamazoo Stout⁣
Arcadia Ales
•IPA | Hopmouth | Rapunzel | Sky High Rye⁣
Two James Spirits •J. Riddle Peated Bourbon Whiskey | Catcher’s Rye⁣
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Instagram post 17847955819260617 COFFEE TIP OF THE DAY!!
I won’t be posting any #raotips this week as I’ll be busy attending the SCA EXPO in Seattle, but I’ll post photos from EXPO if I see anything noteworthy on the show floor.  As soon as EXPO is over, we will finally offer Dear Coffee Buyer dearcoffeebuyer for sale at, and Egghead Coffee Labs, a company I’ve formed with dan_eils to 3D print upgraded parts for coffee machines, will launch the first of many products to help you make better coffee.  Stay tuned!
PS dear coffee buyer is currently available through
Instagram post 17916964489110247 COFFEE TIP OF THE DAY!! Your burner flame should be almost 100% blue. I have found that almost half the roasters who have hired me had substantial orange in their flame. If the flame isn’t blue, you may have incomplete combustion or inefficient use of gas. This may affect roast speed or capacity as well as waste fuel. Please double check that your line pressure is near the maximum recommended for your roaster (about half of roasters in the US are seemingly installed with subpar line pressure!) and, for atmospheric burners, perhaps experiment with airflow levels to see if that can make the flame bluer.
Instagram post 17914755925237994 Made it to the finals, folks. 🤗 Last night I came back from my very first competition ever. The German Cup Taster took a place in Essen and it was a day full of drinking water, eating rice cakes, trying to figure out how to make my hands stop from shaking and of course slurping coffee. The longer I sat there the more grateful I've become knowing that I've made some really good friends in the past few years. Friends who stood on the stage next to me, who sat in the first line the whole day waiting, friends who were watching me in a live stream, who called and messaged, friends who made it to Essen with me, who made me laugh and who didn't show any selfishness. Going back to that in mind now I've realised that the main competition is against myself and my own expectations. Big congratulations for winning this slurp like a boss goes to one of the most beautiful souls in Berlin, lovely human Jo from bonanzacoffee! Until next year. 👏🥄🏆 📸 adriana15  #instabarkes #slurpuntilyoudie #germancup2018 #19gramsberlin #cupuntilyoudie #berlin #batchbrewing