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Husband and wife team, Mark and Sanna Bedford, are responsible for bringing the first ever traditional Pasty store to Australia in 2012.

Cousin Jacks Pasty Co., born from an Englishman’s longing for a proper Pasty, has grown from a home kitchen based business with a Sunday market stall, to one of the busiest takeaways on Bondi Junction high street.


Brand new to hospitality and coming from an IT background, Mark started his business planning in the area he felt most comfortable; software and systems. Taking a holistic view of the role technology could play in running his business, and having a good understanding of the power of good quality IT solutions, Mark was looking for a POS system that would provide much more than a basic till.

Top of Mark’s checklist was integrations, and he wanted a system that could easily integrate with the other software he was considering, including Xero for accounting, Deputy for staff rostering and Tyro for payments.

In addition, he wanted a cloud based system that gave him the option to keep track of sales and manage staff rostering & payroll from home, as well as making all the business data accessible to overseas stakeholders.


Cousin Jacks chose Xero as their accounting software, Deputy as their employee rostering software, Tyro for their payment terminals and Kounta as their POS and business reporting tool.

“We use Kounta on an iPad to take orders and we integrate it with Tyro to process credit card payments. Having these two systems integrated means we don’t have to manually enter the sale amount into the payment terminal, which speeds up service and minimises human error.” says Mark.

At the end of each day, the Kounta integration with Xero automatically syncs the daily sales data, saving hours of boring manual data entry.

Furthermore, the integration between Kounta and Deputy makes it easy to create the perfect staff roster. Historical sales data is pulled into Deputy from Kounta and displayed alongside staff availability, giving them everything they need to create a roster that ensures customers are served well but they’re not wasting money on overstaffing.

"What Kounta offered really suited our needs. Its features covered everything we needed for the daily running of a hospitality business and the out of the box integrations have eliminated many of the dull day-to-day tasks for us.”


Cousin Jacks have been able to streamline their business and focus on the jobs that will bring in more money. “We have created products for every single Pasty we sell, so the system can process absolutely everything that is bought. This lets us run detailed reports and see sales data however we want it, and integrate this in real-time with our online Pasty production tool.

Mark adds: “Overall, Kounta has saved us a lot of time in a variety of different areas of the business. The easy integrations means the management of our Pasty production is hugely simplified so staff can just get on with what needs to be done, accounting admin is non-existent, and rostering is much simpler.”

Furthermore, guesswork has been taken out of business decision making and has allowed for fast and accurate planning ahead.

“With access to all the data, we can make more informed business decisions. The reports are useful in so many ways, for example, recently we had the City to Surf run which is a huge day for us. I used the sales reports to check out how many pasties we sold by the hour last year to see how to roster the staff for this year.”

“Overall Kounta has made our business easier to run, both from a day-to-day and an ongoing business management perspective. Ultimately, saving time on admin tasks and making us more efficient means we can focus on improving service, selling more and working on our business. What’s more, I can do all of this from home.”

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