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Fancy Hank’s began life as Melbourne’s original slow cooked barbeque pop up before expanding its catering arm, taking up residency at a number of locations around Melbourne and finally opening a restaurant on Bourke St in Melbourne’s CBD.


With a successful pop up & food truck operation, and significant growth in the pipeline, the number of pain points Mike was experiencing with their current solution were growing.

Because legacy POS systems aren’t portable, Mike used a box of cash under the barbeque as a till. This meant that not only could Mike not accept card payments, he was also finding it extremely difficult to keep track of how much of each item he was actually selling. This lack of reporting had a knock on effect, also making it difficult to know how much meat he needed to order and smoke to avoid selling out too early or wasting food at future events.

With an increasing demand for card payment options and plans to expand, Mike realised he needed to invest in a point of sale solution that would allow him to not only take card payments, but also offer him the transparency and flexibility he needed for his expanding food truck fleet.

“As the business found it’s feet I knew we needed to invest in a system that took card payments, but also, with a growing team of staff and expanding product lines, a system that would allow me to track sales and stock. We knew we were growing but we weren’t sure how successful we would be, so we needed an affordable solution that could be as large or small as we needed.”


After looking at a few options, Mike chose to use Kounta and bought two iPads, one for the pop up and one for the food truck. He also signed up with Commbank to start using Albert, their EFTPOS terminals, to accept card payments.

Once Mike and his staff arrive at the location, Mike does the initial setup, chooses the items they are selling that day, and adds them to Kounta’s POS screen.

Once they are ready for service, Mike and his staff use the simple interface to take orders and process card payments using the integrated Commbank EFTPOS machine. When orders are entered, Kounta links to their printer which prints production dockets for the chefs to use to create the meals.

At the end of each week, Mike checks the reports to see how each food truck and pop up is going and uses that data to know how much meat he needs to smoke for the events he has coming up in the calendar.

“Being able to easily see what products are most popular and how much we sold enables me to know how much I need to smoke for the next week, which makes food production much easier.”


Since implementing Kounta, Fancy Hanks have received a number of benefits.

Firstly, being able to take card payments has increased sales and efficiency. “The ability to take card payments has definitely increased our sales as we used to miss out when people would have to go and find an ATM" Mike said. "Another benefit of being able to take card payments is that I have much less cash to deal with at the end of each event. This saves time counting and recounting when there has inevitably been a mistake in calculations.”

Secondly, the Kounta reporting tool gives Mike visibility over sales, and also helps with stock taking and food preparation for the following week. “Knowing exactly what we have sold helps in so many ways. We have much less wastage which results in more profit and I can plan ahead for the next week.”

Finally, using Kounta has enabled Fancy Hanks to expand quite quickly and easily. “We were able to expand really quickly with it. We went from a one man operation to multiple sites and events really quickly. All we needed to do is throw an iPad device in the cash drawer and off we went. At one point we were doing three events at once and we just bought another iPad and we were set.”

“Kounta have been nothing but good to us. It is durable, trustworthy, always has improvements in the pipeline and never skips a beat. Kounta has given us visibility over financial data and has enabled us to grow as a business. My experience has been nothing but positive.”

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