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Infinity Bakery opened in Darlinghurst in 1997 as the first bakery to bring sourdough to Sydney.

Now under the guidance of dynamic brother and sister team William and Sophie Petersen, Infinity Bakery has expanded its offering to include both its traditional retail bakery as well as two cafe venues.


William and Sophie took over the Infinity Bakery business and its legacy systems from their father.

Using only a simple cash register, William found it difficult and time consuming to gather and analyse sales data. Alongside not being able to track business performance over time, William found he also had to spend a lot of time in the back office, manually counting (and recounting) products and cash to see how successful each day was, and to determine how much bread needed to be prepared for the next day.

With the business expanding and slowly merging into both a retail bakery as well as a cafe venue with takeaway and sit-in options, William needed a solution that not only processed the retail bread sales, but also helped manage the instant ordering and delivery of cafe products for their customers.


Looking for a fully online point of sale solution that would allow him to manage the business from anywhere, William began his search looking for a flexible software solution that would fit the needs of both the food retail and hospitality sides of the business.

William spoke to a variety of vendors and researched many options. With flexibility being the number one priority in order to suit the needs of both arms of the business, he decided Kounta was the best solution.

“Kounta ticked all the boxes, it was a software led solution which meant I could manage the business from home, and it offered an easy but flexible solution that we could set up to work for the unique needs of the cafe and retail sides of the business.”

Infinity Bakery now use the Kounta system to take food and drink orders in the cafe, processing both take-away and sit-in orders. The Kounta system is connected to two printers, the first printer is for coffee orders and the second to communicate what needs to be bagged up or toasted in the kitchen.

For the sit-in cafe customers, Infinity Bakery allocates bills to table numbers. For the retail only customers who simply purchase breads and patisserie items to take home, Kounta is setup to track all transactions without printing any further instructions for the barristers or kitchen staff.

“The Kounta software stood out from the crowd. With the majority of our products being premade in the bakery we needed a solution that was customisable to our exact needs. It was difficult to find one that was flexible enough to sit comfortably between hospitality POS and retail POS but Kounta did just that!”


With the system setup uniquely for both arms of the business, Kounta has enabled William to transition from a predominantly retail bakery, to a full cafe and retail shop.

“Operationally we run very smoothly and Kounta has enabled us to implement systems which are both easy for the staff and seamless for the customer. No matter what the customer is doing, whether it is buying a loaf to take home, or sitting in for lunch, everything is recorded in the one system, which makes it easy to see how the business is running overall”

William is easily able to analyse the business and its sales from anywhere.

“As a business owner I can see the daily and weekly sales and run comparison reports. I can review what sells well and what doesn’t and I can introduce new product lines and instantly see if they are worth holding on to. Kounta has saved me so much time when I think back to how long it would take me to gather and compare data before and offered me so much more insight than I ever thought I needed.”

“The flexibility Kounta offers has given us a system that fully matches our needs. We are able to provide a better, faster service for our customers as well as enabling us to tailor our products to suit what the customers actually want. Overall, Kounta have delivered a much better result and a much more complete solution than we ever could have hoped for.”

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