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OzHarvest is Australia’s leading food rescue charity, collecting quality surplus food to distribute to people in need and divert food waste from landfill.

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Instagram post 17856179800666983 NOURISH IN 5 by amyleeactive 💕💕💕
Such a wonderful night celebrating the release of amyleeactive book 💕Not only is this  book full of incredible recipes, it also helps people in need! 
Every #NOURISHin5 book feeds someone in need through ozharvest 💕💕💕
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Instagram post 17897150011206899 ozharvest rescues quality excess food that would otherwise go to waste ❤ #bringme
Instagram post 17847087985432610 How was this to end the week? When a massive catering order got a last-minute cancellation at 4pm on Friday, OzHarvest took the call to rescue 300 kilos of salad!
Pictured here is just a tiny snapshot of what we received before the team worked tirelessly to transfer them into containers. They were packed, loaded and delivered to our recipient agencies within the hour!
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Instagram post 18095006305079555 Food waste is a real problem so storing food well helps prevent spoilage & waste. 1/3 off all food produced in Australia is wasted 😳
There are some amazing organisations out there working hard to improve this... looking at you ozharvest foodbankaus but here are some simple ways to keep your food longer to prevent waste at home. 🌿Adding an old bath mat to the bottom of your vege crisper in the fridge prevents leafy greens getting stuck to the bottom even when wrapped. It saves washing too as it’s easy to shake out the towel! 🌿Wrap leafy greens, like silver beet, chard, Choy Sum & your other cruciferous vegetables in a slightly damp tea towel after washing. 🌿 Herbs like their feet in water so in a jar in the door of your fridge will keep them happy. If you don’t have room, a damp paper bag in the crisper works a treat too! 🌿Save washing carrots, eggplants & zucchini’s until just before using & store in a cotton bag in crisper. 🌿 Vege store best like they grow, potatoes, onions & garlic like to keep dark & mushrooms like it moist & dark which is why a paper bag suits them nicely. 🌿 Cut vege store well in glass containers & old jars 🌿 Seal off your cut pumpkins & melons with a beeswax wrap or upside down on a plate 🌿 When you vege like carrots are looking tired, chop them & pop them in a jar filled with water to get a few more days out of them. 🌿 Roast & store other vege in oil for later, check out therogueginger for her tasty recipe on this! 🌿 keep your bananas away from tomatoes as they will ripen them quicker. 🌿Compost, wormfarm scraps to reduce landfill. 🌿Share any other tips you might have below that I’ve missed!  #wanderlightly #zerowaste #ozharvest #foodbankaustralia #preventfoodwaste #compost #wormfarm #storingvegetables #iamzerowastecommunity #wastefreeplanet 
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