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Focused on fermenting beers with a mixed house culture of brewers yeast mixed with wild yeast and bacteria foraged from New South Wales. Wildflower’s goal is to balance the tart, funky characteristics of their house culture to deliver beers with length, nuance and subtlety.
Their cellar door is open each Friday and Saturday from 2pm- 6pm for sampling of beers, takeaway and merchandise sales

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wise_child_wine_store with the goods. If you haven’t made the pilgrimage to North Freo yet then I cannot implore you enough.
• Frederick Stevenson Marsanne Roussanne
• Basket Range Wine Primavera
• Wildflower x Mike Bennie Foudre Beer
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louis_broderick x sholtobroderick
wildflowerbeer x mikebennie101
Instagram post 17911618219301554 BEER ZOMBIES FEST BREWERY LIST! .
Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting the brewery list for those either coming to or being poured at this next years Beer Zombies Festival. (Feb 23)
Here’s the seventh set! Beyond excited to have:
stillwater_artisanal .
Keep on the look out for more announcements, and if you haven’t already grabbed tickets now is the time! VIP sold out but plenty of GA available, Link in bio. Huge thanks to eatskinnyfats for teaming up with me to make this years festival the best ever! .
Any breweries you’d like to see at the BZ fest? Tag them and let them know!
Cheers, #beerzombies 
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Instagram post 18014012485203538 'Everything in moderation' is a good concept to keep in check... unless you're around the corner from Wild Life bakery and their comte sarnie with caramelised onion (and a bloody great cookie)... and you have the bounties of a perfect Australian boilermaker with a Launceston Distillery single malt and Wildflower Solera pull #4, that is.⁠
Moderation is all well and good, but we're always in to double down on the ridiculous local treats. After all, fermentation was the beginning of civilisation - so make sure you comte on down for a good time this weekend!⁠
(a memo from Rhiannon, the lovely manager of our Brunswick East store!)⁠
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Foudre Beer #1
Australian Wild Ale
wildflowerbeer x mikebennie101
Marrickville, NSW
Insanely balanced sour ale.
My favourite beer of the year.
Instagram post 18009144235090950 Having learned a lot from topherboehm's Farmhouse Beer Blog I've been an admirer of his wildflowerbeer output for some time. This exciting beer is his take on “beer as it was” and aims to feature his house culture.⁣
Released at 18 weeks bottle refermentation it is strongly influenced by the bacteria component of Topher's culture and quite acidic. Other yeast and hop notes are evident and lingering noble hop bitterness is present. Personally I wish this had been released a bit earlier as I suspect the bacteria might have been a bit more subdued. But that's just me.⁣
This is the second in Topher's continuing quest to perfect the concept and I'll eagery await future batches.⁣
As it Were (Batch #2, 26 Sept, 18) by Wildflower Brewing and Blending, Marrickville, Australia, (goo.gl/QnoqMZ). 28B. Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer, ABV 5.0%, 65 IBU, FG 1.004.