When you develop for the cloud, the sky’s the limit.

It used to be that having your “head in the clouds” meant you were out of touch with reality, and an impractical dreamer. But with millions of retailers moving their operations to the cloud, you can’t afford to be grounded. We’re looking for the dreamers, the creatives, the caffeine-addled code monkeys who can help take Kounta to the next level. Develop on our API and reach a larger user base than ever before.

Add-ons that Kounta users love.

For a little inspiration (and to make sure you don’t spend your time creating
something that’s already been done), check out these add-ons that our users already love.

Frequently asked questions.

1. What does it take to become an approved developer?

You must submit a project that you’ve developed for Kounta users–and a dozen molasses cookies–to our partner team for approval. Once we’ve consumed the cookies and found them satisfactory, we’ll certify and list you as a Kounta Developer.

2. What makes a good add-on?

The best add-ons are the ones that address and solve real-life, retail related problems, and result in a win for retailers and their customers alike.  Increasing customer engagement, improving processes, and saving time are always good starts for an add-on.

Some of the best we’ve seen for Kounta stores include accounting, reporting, inventory control, E-Commerce, ordering, customer loyalty and rewards, payments, marketing and CRM, and analytics.

3. What sorts of custom developments are Kounta customers asking for?

One of the most popular requests for custom development is a dashboard widget that tracks the most popular requests for custom developments. Beyond that, Kounta has a very wide range of users, many with industry-specific needs and their own time-tested way of doing things. The opportunity for customisation is as varied as our users.

4. What sorts of custom developments can you build or integrate?

Kounta is used by all different types and sizes of stores in both retail and hospitality, and we can’t reasonably meet every need out there.  Customisations are only limited by your client’s particular needs, your imagination, your technical expertise, and whether or not you live under a cruel dictatorship that’s outlawed software development.

5. Who should become a Kounta Developer?

Anyone who’s figured out a clever or useful way to interact with Kounta that addresses a real need is pretty rad in our book, and we want to hear from you. Maybe you’ve developed your own application, or want to integrate someone else’s. Even if you just want to customize Kounta to work with your current business systems and processes, Kounta’s built on a flexible and scalable platform. Its modern RESTful API allows developers to integrate any online or mobile service that retailers already use (or should, if they don’t).

6. Will Kounta promote my add-on?

Of course we will, including a listing on our community listing, add-ons directory, a blog feature, and a dedicated EDM.

Have a Powerful Service or Add-on?