Kicking off with the Brisbane night noodle markets Fairfax has brought the cashless event concept to cities across Australia.

Melbourne night noodle markets are running from the 10 – 27th of November at the Birrarung Marr.

cashless event, melbourne night noodle markets

Photography: Emily Weaving

So What’s the Big Idea?

Ever been to a cafe or restaurant which only takes cash only to realise you don’t have any on you? Frustrating isn’t it!

Cash transactions are exactly that, frustrating – and not to mention cumbersome in the context of events.

Here are why all events should be going cashless:

1. Customers should be queuing for vendors, not the ATM


Photography: Cian Murray

Also, if the queue for the ATM goes for too long, customers are unlikely to join it. This limits how much expendable income they have in at the festival.

Festival goers are there to have a good time. If they’re busy trying to make the cash in their wallet stretch for the entire festival, they’re not spending.

2. Your queues move faster 


Photography: Emily Weaving

People are unlikely to join the tail end of a long queue. In our instant gratification generation we should be looking for ways to get people what they want faster, and more efficiently.

3. Cashless is just simpler (and safer)

night noodle markets

Photography: Emily Weaving

Cash is very steal-able. And copious amounts of cash exchanging hands can become a logistical nightmare. Vendors need to maintain a healthy cash kitty for change, while making regular back and forth trips to the bank.

Why bother when you can just go cashless?

Revolutionising How The World Think About Transactions

cashless events, melbourne night noodle markets

Photography: Emily Weaving

This concept of a cashless events is something Kounta is making possible across the globe…read more.  

All you Melbournians, if you haven’t already be sure to swing by, and remember: leave your cash at home.