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Feature Update

Order Types: No more dine-in or takeaway mixups

“Are you going to have that here, or would you like it to go?”

This question may be so commonplace and simple that some staff either fail to encode it or forget to ask it altogether. What follows is wastage of time in re-plating or repacking the order. Inevitably, the customer is frustrated with the inattentive service and delay. Who wouldn’t be?

Well, now you can say goodbye to scenarios like this and optimise your customer experience with high-speed service.

With Order Types, you can save your staff from committing this common hospitality error. Enable the Order Types add-on and you can set up a prompt for your staff – so they never forget to ask.

Then, with just one tap, they can indicate if an order is for takeaway, dine-in, pickup, delivery, or catering. And as the orders roll in, this wealth of data on sales by Order Type is automatically included in your reporting.