Recommended Register Devices

Samsung Galaxy Tab S
Samsung Galaxy S7

Screen Size: Minimum 4″
RAM: 1GB or more
Processor: ARM 1.4Ghz or greater (Intel-based devices are not yet supported)
KitKat (Android 4.4)

Recommended Printer

Epson TM-T82 Thermal Ethernet Printer

TM-T20 Ethernet
TM-T70 Ethernet
TM-T88V Ethernet
U220 Ethernet Impact Printer
TM-T88Vi Intelligent Cloud Printer
TM-T82-i Intelligent Cloud Printer
TM-T70-i Intelligent Cloud Printer

How will my devices talk to each other in my store?

Android devices or iPhone, iPad and iPod, through the Kounta app, send print commands to the modem router. These commands are then relayed to Epson Ethernet printers connected to the router via ethernet cable. This allows for printing of single production dockets, duplicated dockets or even item specific printing from any Epson ethernet printer.

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