Integrated Payments:
The Why, What and How

Why every hospitality business needs integrated payments in their point of sale

What’s in this guide?

Your customers expect to be able to pay by mobile, card, and many other ways today. But if you’re separately tracking all the payments types you’re accepting – and their various processing fees, it won’t be long before bookkeeping becomes well, a nightmare.

Many hospitality businesses have discovered how integrated electronic payments at the point of sale can help save time, money, and more importantly, obtain and make sense of data that can be used to improve the customer experience.

In this free guide, you’ll learn:

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    How payments have evolved over time in Australia, and how your customers prefer to pay today

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    How integrated payments give you a bird’s eye view over your business

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    Why a legacy point of sale no longer cuts it for today’s modern hospitality business, and how integrated payments lets you connect better with your customers

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    How you can leverage real-time payment data to scale your business

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