A faster way to
take action on your data

Meet Kounta Insights, your all new reporting engine.

Basic no more

Basic is how our reporting used to be. But let’s be honest, that’s not you. You’re a modern operator running a unique business with a mountain of tough decisions to make - and zero time to waste.

A basic reporting tool isn't going to cut it. So, we’ve built Insights, a reporting know-it-all to answer the questions that are crucial to YOUR business, fast.

The only thing basic about Insights is the way we serve your data - clean, clear & simple.


Act fast

With insanely fast insights, let your data lead the way.


Analyse with ease

No more tabular data, just straight forward graphs and charts.


Drill in to go up

Break the mould and customise your reports.


"Our Cairns store recently had its best month in history and I'm convinced it's because of Kounta Insights."

Chris Guy

Make sense of your data in seconds

Love wrangling data exports in excel and flicking between tabs? We didn't think so. Insights analyses your data for you and serves it to you in simple, bite sized dashboards.


View site performance over any time period. Includes total sales
and category, product, staff, customer and register performance.


Get a snapshot of your company's performance across all sites within
any time period. See how you're tracking for the year to date.


See how your products have sold across time
periods, sites, staff, and more.


Compare service periods side by side.  Breakfast, lunch,
dinner - or customise timeframes in the dashboard filters.


See a summary of top customers or view specific customer
details, their value and their product purchase activity.


Configure Reporting Groups in Back Office to
see sales by food vs. beverages and much more.


Get an overview of your company or site's payments received within
a specified timeframe. See trends and drill down to specific payment types.


See top staff, how individual staff performance, or
compare staff side by side across chosen time periods.

Schedule a Report

Keep your team aware, motivated, and on track with scheduled reports

Why waste time keeping everyone in the know? With scheduled reports, simply set the frequency, add recipients, and fire away automatic emails.

Deep dive to find new opportunities with custom reports

Don't waste hours exporting data and stitching together your own reports. Insights' advanced filtering lets you uncover growth opportunities in minutes.

Build a Report

Ready for
effortless reporting?

Got questions about how Insights
will work for your business?