Enterprise Point of Sale, Reimagined

Focus on your brand, not your infrastructure

Kounta Enterprise is a white-glove Point of Sale solution for emerging brands, high-volume businesses, franchises and multi store operations.

Native Enterprise Capability

Add an additional layer of expertise, enhanced features, project management, and support to Kounta’s core feature set and Add-ons.

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Multi Company (Brand) Management

Do you own or manage different brands? Kounta is the only POS Technology Platform that allows you to manage distinctly different brands under one interface. Each brand has its own sites, product and people.

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Multi-Site Control

Centralise control of your products, people and other settings across all your sites allowing you to keep consistency while still having the flexibility of adjusting areas for individual sites as needed.


Company Wide Reporting

All your data is stored in one anytime, anywhere access place. Avoid after the fact consolidation and analyse your entire business in real time down to the detail.

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Immediate Deployment

New sites can be deployed in minutes with Products and people allocated to the new site in just a click.

Get the best performance and support from your Point of Sale

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Advanced API

At Kounta’s core is a modern RESTful API that lets you integrate and control all aspects of your stores to build on Kounta.


Bank Level Security

Kounta uses the same 128-bit encryption and physical security that banks use. Our practices are monitored and verified constantly, making Kounta even more secure and reliable than a traditional point of sale.

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Early access to new features

Advanced access to Kounta’s latest features exposes your business to platform and feature innovations before the rest of the world.

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Invisible IT

Minimise IT hardware and labour costs to a fraction of traditional legacy point of sale systems using Kounta’s highly distributed, full featured platform and infrastructure.

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Constant upgrades. No interruptions

We’re always adding new features and functionality to Kounta. Updates happen automatically and quietly, allowing you and your stores to continue with business as usual.

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Sleep Easy

Kounta’s availability is handled by our dedicated team, instead of being isolated and dependent on your own single-instance server. Our sharded and multi-clustered database servers can handle demanding retail situations with ease.

Our team is your team

With Kounta Enterprise, you’ll work with a team at Kounta dedicated to your success.


Project Manager

Your Project Manager helps scope your project and source expert talent for a smooth migration including your store’s requirements, hardware, setup and integrations.

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Account Manager

Your dedicated Account Manager is your main point of contact with Kounta Enterprise. Expect regular communication as they follow up on your success and discover your needs.


Dedicated Support

You’ll receive a personalized premium support phone number and email address for critical, time-sensitive issues.

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“We needed a platform that would match our expectations in terms of retail management, staff and customer experience, but also in terms of security and privacy. That’s why we use Kounta.”

Focus on your business. Let us look after your stores

Join the best brands on Kounta



Understanding your business and its processes is key to ensuring the best setup. We explore everything all the way from your head office to your stores and is needed at the point of sale.



If you need assistance with your stores’ build, your Project Manager will match your project to the best Kounta certified hardware, setup and developer specialists for your unique needs.



We’ll provide your internal team with the tools they need to be successful, including direction to API documentation, code examples, add-ons and integrations.



We’ll get your business up and running with a solid plan so you can enjoy the many exclusive privileges of Kounta Enterprise, including upgraded features and premium support.

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