We have BIG news! 

Kounta has a new look, and a new name – and there’s plenty to be excited about.


How we became the go-to POS for Hospo

Almost eight years ago, Kounta came to life in Sydney, Australia. We built a team of legends who are passionate, sometimes nutty, about hospitality.

A team that didn’t understand ‘no’ and would not (could not) stop until their vision to bring innovative, affordable, top-quality software to the industry became a reality. Challenging ideas, late nights, and pots of caffeine were the core ingredients that saw Kounta become the go-to POS for hospo in Australia.

Over the years, we made plenty of noise in the industry – so much so that a company across the globe heard us. 

Meet Lightspeed

Last year, a world-leading POS and eCommerce company gave us a ring. So we set travel dates, explored each other’s systems, chatted over coffees (and schooners) – and it was clear as day, Kounta had found its fellow POS companion.

Soon after, we did the formalities and announced that we had been acquired by Lightspeed. But the real fun begins now, as Kounta morphs into Lightspeed!

What does it mean for you?

It’s business as usual, only better.

We’re the same team, with the same dream. But now we have even more resources to bring those dreams to life, and much faster – lightspeed fast.

For now, you’ll see your POS, Back Office and other products get a cosmetic ‘freshen-up’: a new colour palette that reflects the Lightspeed brand, and a new logo. The software you know and love will remain unchanged – that means the same layout and the same functionality 

What to expect

From late July we’ll be rolling out the new brand. Discover exactly what’s changing to ensure your team is well prepared for the updates.

Beyond that, you’ll see our deeper investment in innovation come to life – with a wealth of new feature releases on the horizon, including:

  • New options and integrations for online ordering and delivery
  • New table-service workflow features
  • New inventory management features via Produce and Purchase
  • New Insights reports and ‘Live’ features

One thing you won’t ever see changing is our commitment to gold class customer service. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer 24/7 support and advice from a team of industry and technology experts.

The big reveal

So what does the update look like?

Here’s a little preview of the colour refresh.  We know change can be intimidating at times, so get the word out to your team that their POS is changing outfits.

What’s next?

We’ll continue to keep you posted with updates and news in the coming weeks, and as always, you can reach our support team with any questions by clicking here.

On behalf of everyone at Kounta (now Lightspeed!)- thank you for continuing to believe in us, and thank you for inspiring us. Here’s to helping you grow even more in 2020 and beyond.


Need to know a little more?

Where will I log into my Back Office and POS?

You’ll continue to be able to login to your Back Office as usual, via the Kounta by Lightspeed website. Starting in August, you’ll also be able to log in via the main Lightspeed website or by entering the URL directly. Don’t worry—we’ll make sure you have all the right links.

Are you still made in Australia?

Absolutely! We’re incredibly proud of our Aussie heritage and our amazing customers across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific. We’re not going anywhere!

Who do I call for support?

We’re still the same team, and can be reached at the same number. Over time, we’ll grow, and you’ll get to meet amazing new people on the phone or via email.

What is Lightspeed?

Lightspeed is one of the leading POS providers in the world—a great Canadian company that shares our values of innovation, quality and sustainability. But Lightspeed is more than that: it’s a team of welcoming, ambitious and driven people coming together to pursue the same vision as Kounta with more means and resources. We’re family, and we’re all here to help you grow your business.

How will my point of sale system change?

It’s already getting better! Short term, you’ll see a new colour palette and logo in POS, Back Office, Produce, Purchase and Insights. On top of these aesthetic changes you’ll see new features, integrations and products added to the platform to make your life easier. Coming soon!

Will I have to learn a new system?

Changes will be implemented as regularly and smoothly as always, so you don’t need to worry about learning how to use a new point of sale. Your software will remain every bit as robust and intuitive as we fast-track the release of new features and improvements. Stay tuned!

What about the name “Kounta”?

Kounta is now part of Lightspeed, and as our products evolve, so will our name and design. You’ll see more and more of Lightspeed, and less Kounta. But the core of the product and our commitment to quality and customer service will never change. Kounta is entering a new phase, and we want that to be reflected in our name as well.