Ah, the Mac: long the underdog of the computing world, favored by graphic artists and really no one else, Apple’s trademark computer has very much come into its own in the last decade. Starting with the powerful OS X, an Apple designed frontend to one of the most rock solid operating systems around—Unix—the Mac has been making more of an appearance in the business world. And the iMac, with its all-in-one design, makes it the perfect front end register for an Apple Point of Sale. Kounta’s attractive design looks right at home on the iMac’s brilliant display, and was conceived to be something that is as intuitive as the Mac you’ve got it on.

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Smart Point of Sale features for any type and size business

Cloud based

Sign in and work from anywhere. Your sales, products and reports are always available, always safe, and always up to date.

What is the cloud?

Works on any device

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Online and Offline

Kounta works both Online and Offline, once your internet connection is restored your sales are backed up to the cloud.

How does it work offline?

Feature Rich

Kounta comes with powerful features like inventory management, real-time reports and analytics, CRM, loyalty and much more.

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Kounta connects to the best online and mobile services like payments, accounting, loyalty, e-commerce, rostering and more.

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Simplicity of design and use.

For a checkout counter, there’s no need to replace the computer you’ve already got there. A Mac POS up front means there’s no new hardware you need to install, or to manage. Just access Kounta through your web browser and you’re on your way. Add tablets to bring the register to your customers and keep your lines down.

And let’s face it, you use a Mac because you like to use your computer, not tinker with it. You’re not interested in IT or computing and the Mac has long been the answer to that problem. And though you’re accessing your POS from your computer, it’s not actually an OS X Point of Sale that you’re running. The Kounta software’s actually running on a server far from your store, in a datacenter on fully redundant, always backed up hardware. You don’t need to run costly and power-hungry servers that need constant attention; don’t want to deal with the tangles of cables cluttering your check-out counter. All that gets replaced with a modern, wireless, computing oasis where things just work and nothing gets in your way. Adding a register and locations is as simple as buying another tablet or desktop and filling out some fields in Kounta. Take your show on the road with a Macbook and a 4G connection: having Kounta means never having to stop using a Point of Sale for Mac.

Mac Point of Sale Features:

  • Designed for use with Safari, Apple’s powerful and secure web browser.
  • As easy to set up and use as the Mac itself
  • Use with Apple Pay and make things easier for your customers, too

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Safe Data, Secure Transactions

Or, don’t even worry about the 4G connection, because Kounta continues along running, even when your internet connection is down. Data is stored locally, and then automatically synced to the cloud as soon as you’re back online. And with support for the new Chip and PIN standard on credit cards, along with bank-level encryption, your online/cloud transactions are safer than ever.

Where there’s a Mac, there’s a way.

Your Mac doesn’t have to be just a register either. You can access all of Kounta’s back office functions using your web browser, just like the register screen. Manage your inventory, customer relationships, employees, reports, analytics—everything, really—from anywhere in the world, at any time of day. Kounta is the POS software for Apple that works as easily and as beautifully as you’d expect from a Mac.


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