Release 4.8 to the Kounta Labs Community

Kounta 4.8 is coming to the Kounta Labs Community bringing new features, Improvements and fixes.

You will receive the update on Monday the 31st of October at 10:30 pm AEDT.

If you are not on Kounta to receive the update, you’ll receive it when you’re next at your Kounta.


Release Highlights


Getting to know you…

To better get to know and support our community, we’ve added a few quick questions to the sites menu the next time you visit. You can skip answering the questions, however, they will appear each time you go to the sites menu until you complete them





This release we’ve doubled down on improvements and bug fixes. This helps us continue to deliver the rock solid experience you’ve grown to expect using Kounta. That being said we’ve got some exciting features in the works so stay tuned!


New Add-Ons and Improvements

New Add-Ons:
Collect Feedback: Automatically prompt for feedback after a sale


  • We now sync staff shift clocking activity, enabled through the time and attendance Add-On, across all registers within a site.
  • We no longer open a cash drawer on $0 Sale
  • We now automatically disable Kounta soft keyboard when accessing POS via iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Android.
  • We now allow you to curate how, or if, you accept cash sales. You can now select to either have the fast cash button on, turn the fast cash button off but still accept cash payment through checkout options or turn cash payment options off altogether.
  • We’ve added Adjustment names, in line, on the receipt panel on the POS.
  • We’ve added the ability to turn off sounds created by online orders being received on the POS.
  • We’ve added new site price lists and site products user permissions
  • Small POS and back office user interface improvements

For a full list of fixes and API improvements check out the Kounta Status page


Join us for the 4.8 Release Webinar

Time: Thursday, November 3rd. 3pm AEDT

If you are unavailable. The webinar will be recorded and available in the partner resources folder shortly after the session.


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