Kounta 4.6 was delivered to the Kounta Community bringing new features, improvements and fixes!

You received the update on Monday the 8th of August at 11pm.

Important highlights from this release

Add-On – Spotcap:
Spotcap is an easy and fast way to get a credit line of up to $250,000 for your business. They offer flexible repayment schedule of up to 12 months.


  • Support for an unlimited number of customers (regardless of their tolerance to gluten)
  • Increased back button touch area on Mobile POS (devices from 4-inch to 5.5-inch screen size)
  • Individual permissions now show without needing to save the page, when unselecting the Admin toggle for a user.
  • Share Kounta email has been improved
  • We no longer show the fast cash button dialogue on POS after every update.
  • Register printing settings now have a back to register button (instead of back to site)
  • We no longer show a quantity for modifiers on the bump screen, in case you’re wondering, this always showed as one anyways 😉
  • Prompt for country, timezone and currency on every new company created because knowing these things are essential to start a new business.
  • We now show a tax selector when creating option sets as you may need to pay tax on certain options selected.
  • Added an option to override the reprint subtotal lock when using staff level order control.
  • Added advanced filter options for adding products to price lists and option sets. Creating a happy hour just got much more happy.
  • We gave the product export a personality transplant, improving reliability and making it much more agreeable 😉

For all other improvements and fixes check out the Kounta Status page