Behind every successful Kounta install is a well oiled hardware package.

Hardware Providers sell all the Kounta compatible hardware needed to get you selling. You sell best-in-breed hardware bundles, share Kounta with your customers, earn a referral fee and we’ll take care of the rest.


You sell Point of Sale hardware online or in your store and may even help your customers get that hardware setup. If that’s where you stop then our Approved Hardware Vendor program is an awesome fit for you!

Your clients are important to you, and we get that. We feel the same way about ours. When we get a referral from you, you can rest easy knowing that we’re taking good care of them. We’ll walk them through their account setup, train them, and provide ongoing support.


– Earn $150 for each new Kounta customer you refer
– Sell Kounta Approved Hardware
– Get Access to special wholesale pricing through select hardware distributors
– Get listed on the Kounta Partner Locator as a source for hardware


– Must sell Kounta approved hardware
– May not provide Kounta Setup or Support Services


Become a Hardware Provider, in 4 Easy Steps


Become a Hardware Provider

Become a Hardware Provider

Become a certified Kounta Hardware Provider