Become an expert in hospitality consultancy

Take your business advisory (and your clients' growth) to the next level with hospitality’s best Point of Sale.

Spend time on tasks that add real value

Seamlessly integrate Kounta with the platform of your choice. Automatically send daily sales and payments, account sales and stock orders from Kounta to your accounting platform.

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Provide unbeatable business advice

Build strong relationships with your customers by providing actionable business advice, enabled by Kounta’s reporting capabilities.

Build winning business solutions

Kounta is a cloud based platform which integrates with all the add-ons required to run a modern hospitality business.


Integration Features


Automatic reconciliation - Kounta syncs money in/out, tips, revenue, gift cards and more to XERO so you don't have to.


Sync accounts both ways - orders put on Account in Kounta reflect in XERO.


Accounts invoicing - invoices can be sent or paid in Kounta and XERO is automatically updated. And vice versa.


Advanced mapping - map sales and costs associated with products - plus sides, tips, and taxes - to specific XERO accounts.


Manage contacts - customer & supplier details input into Kounta sync to XERO.


Easy setup - enable the add-on in Kounta, enter your XERO account details, and cruise through our simple onboarding flow to get started in minutes.

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Get the support you need from our team of hospitality experts

The Kounta Onboarding, Success and Support teams are here to make sure the transition is seamless and the implementation is successful for you and your customer.

Why is Kounta the Biggest Point of Sale
Provider in Australia?

Easy to use

Kounta's intuitive design makes it quick and easy to set up, train staff, and start taking orders.

Affordable and scalable

Choosing Kounta saves you thousands in setup costs, and it can be easily expanded as you grow or to match seasonality.

Real-time, in depth reporting

Quickly view real-time sales totals even when you're not at the venue, or dig into performance by product, staff, register, site, and more.

Accessible from anywhere

View reports, update menus or change prices from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Time saving integrations

Save time by integrating Kounta with your payment terminal, accounting software, staffing tools, loyalty programs, and more.

Hospitality's best support

From setup to ongoing support, our team are experts in hospitality and available 24/7 to ensure your Point of Sale is always ready to sell.

"Kounta has made our business easier to run, both from a day-to-day and an ongoing business management perspective. It has saved us time on admin tasks which has allowed us to focus on improving service, selling more and working on our business."

Richard Adamson


A smooth sign up process for
 you and your customer

Refer your customer

Share your unique referral URL to your customer. If they create an account you get a $150 bonus.

We get them set up

Our On boarding Team get your customer set up with their products, pricing and hardware so they are trading in no time!

We help you set up the accounting integration

Once your customer is set up, we reach out to help you integrate your accounting package.


Should I become a Kounta Advisor or a Kounta Specialist?

Kounta Advisors are typically bookkeepers or accountants looking to refer their customers to a point of sale solution. Kounta Specialists are typically hospitality technology specialists that set up entire operating systems for their clients.

Will I have access to my clients Kounta Account?

Your client controls the access to their accounts but they can easy add you as a user.

What will the transition from the old POS entail?

Our onboarding team will make sure the transition is smooth and has no impact on business as usual. Once your customer signs up for their free account we will guide them through every step from choosing the right hardware to getting their Kounta account ready to set up and ready to trade.

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