What can I use with Kounta?

iPad, iPhone and iPod touch


Recommended Register Devices

iPad Pro
iPad mini 3
iPhone 6s
iPod Touch 6th Generation

iPad Mini 2 / iPad (3rd generation) or newer
iPhone 5S or newer
iPod Touch (5th generation) or newer
Requires iOS 7.0 or later

Recommended Printer

Epson TM-T82 Thermal Ethernet Printer

TM-T20 Ethernet
TM-T70 Ethernet
TM-T88V Ethernet
U220 Ethernet Impact Printer
TM-T88Vi Intelligent Cloud Printer
TM-T82-i Intelligent Cloud Printer
TM-T70-i Intelligent Cloud Printer
TM-M30 Bluetooth Receipt Printer*

*Epson’s Bluetooth Receipt Printer offers a one-to-one relationship with your register

TSP-654 Ethernet
TSP-143 Ethernet

How will my devices talk to each other in my store?

Kounta running through the iPad, iPhone or iPod app will send printing instructions over Wi-Fi to the Modem router. The modem router then relays this information to compatible printers allowing for single production dockets, duplicated dockets or even item specific printing from any Epson or Star ethernet printer.

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Where to buy

Buy from your local Kounta hardware partner

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