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food retail

Great for a food retail business serving 200 guests per hour,
depending on your service speed.

How this example works

icon take orders 2px

Take orders

Orders taken at the counter are sent to your router via wifi and over cables to your printers.

icon manage production food retail

Manage production

Dockets immediately print over wifi for fast, easy order production, if you need it.

icon handle payments 2px

Handle payments

Payment totals are automatically sent to your integrated payment device for error free processing.

icon store in cloud 2pc

Store in the cloud

Every detail of your order is stored in the cloud - accessible from wherever, whenever.

Example hardware used

2 Tablets
2 Ethernet printers
2 Cash drawers

2 Payment terminals
1 Router

Costs around $2,200 AUD

or about 15% of what a similar legacy setup might cost

View compatible hardware

Select the type of device you plan on using to see the printers and other hardware that will work with it.

Helpful hardware tips


Ethernet printers must connect via cable to your network router or through a data point.


Can’t plug your printer into your network via cable? If you’re on iOS, use a buetooth printer instead. Note, bluetooth printers can only pair to one device.


Avoid printers labeled “Wireless.” They’re unreliable, slow and often lose dockets.


The quicker your internet and the newer your hardware is, the faster your point of sale will be.


If you use Kounta with Windows or Albert, you’ll need an intelligent printer.


Compatible smartphones, tablets and iPod Touches all work great as a roaming point of sale.

Get hardware for Kounta

After you create your free Kounta account, use our Hardware Selector to figure out and buy exactly what you need. Or book a time to get help over the phone.