Run Kounta on the Windows system you've already invested thousands into


Minimum requirements
Windows PC (Intel Core i5 PC, 1024 x 778 screen resolution, 4GB of RAM, capacitive touchscreen for best experience), Microsoft Surface Pro i5 (1024 x 778 screen resolution:, 4GB of RAM. Microsoft Windows 7.


Windows devices don’t have network communication built in like iOS and Android devices. In order to print from a Windows device, you need an Intelligent Printer, which has network communication built in.

Only one Intelligent Printer is needed in your network. Any additional printer can be any Windows compatible printer.

Our top choice for Intelligent Printers

Epson TM-T82II-i Intelligent Printer

The most reliable and quickest of the Intelligent Printers we support.


Additional compatible Intelligent Printers

Our top choice for additional printers

Epson TM-M30 Ethernet Printer

The TM-M30 reliable, fast, and affordable. It's also one of the smallest printers on the market.


Additional compatible printers

For ultra hot environments or noisy kitchens

Epson U220 Ethernet Impact Printer

Thermal printers, which use heat to transfer ink, don’t work well when they’re next to a 200ºC+ oven or frier. Instead, you’ll need an impact printer, which transfers ink mechanically. 

Since it’s louder than a normal printer, it’s also great for noisy kitchents where dockets get missed.


Compatible devices

Cash Drawers
VPOS Cash Drawer EC4
VPOS Cash Drawer EC410

This is the cash drawer we know best, but any will do as long as it uses a standard RJ12 plug.

Barcode Scanner
Zebra CS3070
Zebra CS3070 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

This little guy works great. It’s compact, durable and even has a keyboard toggle to easily shift between scanning barcodes and keying in data.

Receipt Paper
Standard Thermal Receipt Paper - 80mm

This receipt paper works with our recommended ethernet printers.

Receipt Paper
Standard Duplicate Docket Printer Paper - 80mm

This paper is specifically for impact printers to print dockets in extreme heat environments where thermal printers don’t work as well.

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