Kounta teams up with Tyro to speed up card payments

First Australian Point of Sale to integrate full suite of payment options

Sydney, Australia, 12 June 2013 – Two Australian payment industry disruptors, cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) service Kounta and electronic payments provider Tyro Payments, today announced a partnership to reduce transaction friction for small business.

Kounta Founder and CEO Nick Cloete said the partnership will see Tyro Payments facilities wirelessly integrate with Kounta’s POS platform, which he said will net a number of benefits for merchants and customers alike.

“The partnership with Tyro means Kounta is the first Australian owned POS to support the full-breadth of payment options – including cash, debit, credit card and mobile payments.

“We’ve already partnered with PayPal to connect their new mobile wallet to Kounta, which allows customers to pay and order without cards or cash, using their mobile phone. We’re excited to to add yet another payments solution like Tyro into the Kounta ecosystem,” Mr Cloete said.

“Kounta seamlessly connects directly with Tyro facilities, eliminating the need for merchants to rekey the amount payable when it comes to finalising the transaction. This is obviously great news for merchants, but just as good news for customers because it reduces friction and speeds up the entire transaction process. It also provides secure, real time, online reconciliation.

“Previously, such technology was only available to bigger merchants who could afford to invest heavily in such a solution. But the new integration means any size brick and mortar store that also uses Tyro Payments to process transactions will have the same advantage.

“It takes less than one minute to connect Tyro to Kounta, and it’s designed so merchants can do it all themselves.

Tyro Payments co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Rothwell, said Kounta’s cloud based POS technology is a natural fit for Tyro’s advanced Internet based integrated payment systems technology.

“It’s a marriage made in payment heaven,” Mr Rothwell said. “Tyro has spent a long time researching and understanding consumer engagement behaviour when paying for goods and services with merchants, in different market segments, especially the hospitality sector.

“Codifying these behaviours into working systems that provide safe, enjoyable, reliable and friction free payment experiences for customers — in conjunction with world class POS vendors such as Kounta — is our core work.”

Mr Cloete said Kounta’s flexibility means stores are able to run their entire sales process from iPads, Android Tablets, or even the existing Point of Sale equipment in which they have invested.

“Stores which have already installed Tyro, or are planning to, can now easily join the growing number of Australian businesses who have taken their brick and mortar stores online and into the cloud with Kounta.”

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