Take action on your
data, quickly

Empower your team with the reports they need to make better decisions every day. Kounta Insights brings your data to light and puts it to work - so you don’t have to.

Make faster decisions

Decisions don’t have to be a guess based on instinct or an hour long mission to piece together data (wherever it may be). With Kounta Insights, you’ll easily start making revenue generating decisions. Faster and more confidently than ever.

Kounta Insights

Know whats happening

Always have a view of the metrics that matter

Kounta Insights

Drill in to go up

Dig deep into your data to find new ways to grow

Kounta Insights

Complete confidence

Get the right data to make the right call, fast

Effortless reporting isn’t only for the big corporates anymore

Don't waste a minute building the reports you depend on

Access a library of the essential reports and dashboards you need to run a profitable hospitality business. Get an overview of your key metrics at a glance or drill in to see the full story.

Kounta Insights
Kounta Insights

Keep everyone who needs to know, in the know, with scheduled reports

Schedule automated reports that contain easy to read visualisations of your data. Send them weekly, monthly, or whenever you need to keep key team members aware, motivated, and on track.

Answer complex questions quickly and deep dive to find new perspectives

Customise your own advanced reports to uncover a wealth of powerful and profitable insights on trends and other hidden growth opportunities.

Kounta Insights

Always turning data into profit

The more you use Kounta, the more insights you’ll discover.

Want to get deep into inventory cost and GP%? Keen to compare staff performance, or incentivise up-sell? Your data is powerful, once you can use it efficiently.

Kounta Insights

"Before Kounta, we had to manually calculate the sales figures for each week. It took hours and because it was retrospective, we could never do anything to try to improve it. Now with Kounta, we can see how sales are progressing in real-time across multiple venues, and we can do it from home, overseas, wherever."

Richard Adamson

Hungry for effortless