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Stay miles ahead with powerful, accessible reporting

Empower your team with the reports they need to make better decisions every day. Kounta Insights brings it to light and puts it to work - so you don’t have to.

Tap into a wealth of helpful reports

Get a quick glimpse of your topline business metrics or dig into
the details to see exactly what's going on


Know what to sell

Products, categories

Find and promote your popular items, or remove poor performing products.


Know when to sell

Time, service periods, trends

Make staffing, trading, purchasing and promotional decisions by analysing sales across days, weeks, months, years service periods, and custom ranges.


Optimise your layout

Register, table number

Know which registers are receiving high or low volume, see your best and worst performing tables, and optimise your layout to drive more sales.


Know your customers

Guest count, customers

Access average guest spend across time, days, and other ranges to inform promos & staffing decisions. Plus, know your loyal customers and their true value to your business.


Manage your staff

Staff members

Understand which staff perform best & worst for total sales, revenue, average transaction value, products and more. Track refunds to identify behaviour patterns.


Customise yourself

Whatever you need

Create custom reports to ask sophisticated questions of your data and gain fresh perspectives you can’t get anywhere else.


"Before Kounta, we had to manually calculate the sales figures for each week. It took hours and because it was retrospective, we could never do anything to try to improve it. Now with Kounta, we can see how sales are progressing in real-time across multiple venues, and we can do it from home, overseas, wherever."

Richard Adamson

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