Build relationships with your customers

Easily collect customer details

Easily collect customer details - like name, email address and phone number - from the Kounta POS interface. Easily offer incentives such as discounts and freebies to encourage people to give you their details.

customer details
vip discounts

Offer VIP discounts to
loyal customers

Set up discounts for your loyal customers and easily apply them during checkout to keep your best customers coming back for more.

Offer loyalty programs 
that keep people coming back

Kounta integrates with leading loyalty app Collect Rewards to help you create a loyalty program that grows your business.

Enrol at purchase

Add customers to your loyalty program directly from the POS during a sale.

Earn points for purchases

Each time a customer makes a purchase, points are automatically added to their rewards account.

Customers get notified when they earn rewards

Once a customer earns enough points for a reward, they’re notified vie email, sms or push notification.

Redeem rewards easily

Each customer’s rewards appear within the Kounta Interface, and when redeemed will automatically adjust the sale price in the checkout process and remove the reward from their account so they can't claim again.

loyalty programd

Send your customers email marketing campaigns

Kounta integrates with email marketing tools like Collect Offers, Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor to allow you to send your customers email campaign informing them of new promotions & offers.

collect feedback

Gather feedback that improves your business

Kounta integrates directly with Collect Feedback to automatically send customers a feedback survey that gives you insights you can use to grow your business.