Customise your point of sale to suit your business

Scalable to suit your size

With Kounta’s flexible structure, it’s just as easy to run a 20 location doughnut franchise with multiple registers as it is to run a local corner store.

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Manage multiple sites

View reports and centrally manage products, prices, payment methods and more by setting up your various sites or locations under one account.

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Use multiple registers

Setup multiple registers at the counter or have wait staff taking orders on iPads. Everything is kept perfectly in sync between each device.

Works on whatever devices you prefer

Kounta can run on whatever device you prefer and doesn’t require you to purchase new hardware, making it quicker and more affordable to get set up.

Kounta POS Software running on Windows PC

Desktop Computers

Kounta runs on any computer that has a web browser, including all Windows and Mac computers

Kounta Mobile Point of Sale system on a mobile phone

Tablet & mobile devices

Our iOS and Android apps enable you to run your POS on any Apple or Android tablet or mobile device.


Payment devices

Kounta even runs on payment devices like Albert, making it an all in one POS, payment processor and receipt printer.

Customise your menu to suit your requirements

Customise the items available on your POS so it’s quick and easy for front of house staff to correctly input orders and variations.


Easily add your menu items along with big, bold pictures.

Example: Flat White


Add variations of your menu items to capture common options.

Example: Small and large


Add common modifiers so they're able to be added quickly.

Example: Soy Milk

Option Sets

Walk frontline staff through a series of selections they need to make.

Example: A Breakfast deal

Quantity Counter

Sell items by quantity or amount (such as kilograms, litres, etc).

Example: Coffee Beans


Add notes to orders to capture custom variations and requests.

Example: Crispy Toast

Easily build
your table layout

Easily re-create your venue's table layout within your point of sale to make it easy for staff to assign orders to the right table.

table layout

Customise the sale screen

Make entering orders easy for front of house staff by adding images and arranging items into categories.

Manage prices, taxes, discounts and surcharges with ease.

Easily manage the price of menu items and their variants, or add surcharges and discounts that automatically get applied at checkout when certain rules are met (e.g. Happy Hour on Friday between 3pm and 6pm).

manage prices
setup payment options

Setup multiple payment options

Accept payment for items via cash, credit cards, account sales, IOU’s or anything else you like.

Connect to printers and define what they should print

Connect to a variety of printers and create rules that define what gets printed where. Automatically print customer receipts at the counter, food orders in the kitchen, and drinks at the bar.

Organising production on Kounta Point of Sale (POS) System