Quickly handle payments

Take payments from anywhere

Kounta works on any device and integrates with fixed and mobile payment terminals to allow you to accept payments wherever your customers need to pay you.

At the counter

Accept payments at the counter using a cash drawer or an integrated, fixed payment terminal.

At the table

Accept payments at the table by taking cash or using an integrated mobile payment terminal.

Kounta POS mobile icon
On the go

Accept payments at pop up stalls, markets, etc. by taking cash or using a mobile payment terminal.

Accept any form of payment

Kounta integrates with cash drawers, payment terminals and your accounting software to enable you to accept any form of payment you like.

setup payment options
split payment

Split bills quickly and easily

Easily split bills at the time of payment and allow each individual to pay how they want. One customer can pay with cash while another can pay via credit card.

Manage prices on the fly

Automatically update the total price of the order to include any promotions or surcharges that are relevant, and allow staff with the right permissions to add discounts to the order when required.



Any relevant promotions you're running are automatically applied to the price on checkout.


Any applicable surcharges, like public holidays or credit card charges, are automatically applied when relevant.



Staff with the right permissions can easily add discounts to the price at checkout.


Accept tips with ease

Add a tip during the checkout process using predefined percentages or a custom amount option, or add a tip in afterwards if they left cash on the table.

When you cash up, Kounta tells you how much to hand out in tips and automatically records the deduction from the till.

Print or email custom receipts

Customise your receipts by adding your business name, website & phone number. Let customers choose if they want a receipt or not, and whether they’d like it printed or emailed.

custom receipts
calculate taxes

taxes automatically

Taxes are automatically added to the total cost of sale based on tax rules you set in the Back Office, and are shown clearly on customer receipts.