Integrate with other technologies you use

Integrate your payment terminals

Never manually type the sale amount into your payment terminal again. Integrate it with Kounta to automatically send the sale amount to your payment terminal so customers can simply tap and go.

payment terminal
Speed up service

Improve customer experience and increase number of sales by making it quicker to process customer payments.

Reduce Errors

Never accidentally undercharge customers again by automatically sending the exact sale amount from Kounta to your integrated payment terminal.


Integrate your accounting software

Stop manually entering your sales data into your accounting software. Kounta automatically syncs all your sales data in so you can spend less time doing manual data entry and more time growing your business.

account software
Sync takings

Automatically sync finalised takings into your accounting software, including revenue, tips, money in and out, gift cards and more.

Sync account sales

Sync Account Sales into your accounting software to send invoices and receive payments using the built-in Accounts Receiveables features.

Support advanced Mapping

Map sites, products, payment types, tax codes and more to income accounts in your accounting software to get detailed, accurate accounting data.


Integrate with your employee scheduling tool

Stop guessing how many staff you need at a given time. Integrate Kounta with your employee scheduling tool to see historical sales data and build the perfect schedule to ensure your customers get served quickly and you're not wasting money on overstaffing.

emplyee scheduling
Build schedules based on real sales data

See your historical sales data in your scheduling tool, so you can make informed decisions as to what staff need to be on at what time.

Get accurate timesheet information

Allow staff to clock in and out via the Kounta POS interface, so that you know exactly when staff members arrive and leave and can automatically create accurate timesheets.


Integrate your loyalty program

Increase revenue by ensuring your existing customers come back and make repeat purchases. Kounta integrates with leading loyalty apps to make it easy for you to create a powerful loyalty program that grows your business.

loyalty program 2
Enrol at purchase

Add customers directly to your loyalty program directly from the POS during a sale.

Earn points for purchases

Each time a customer makes a purchase, points are automatically added to their rewards account.

Customers are notified when they earn rewards

Once a customer earns enough points for a reward, they’re notified via email, sms or push notification.

Redeem rewards easily

Each customer’s rewards appear within the Kounta interface, and when redeemed will automatically adjust the sale price in the checkout process and remove the reward so they can’t claim it again.


Integrate your online ordering channel

Get discovered by new customers and let them order from you online.

Kounta POS Intergrations
Gain new customers online

Your customers are already searching for what you sell. Join a marketplace to capture their eye in ways you couldn't on your own.

Order ahead

When you enable ordering ahead, customers who value time will get quicker service, and you'll get shorter lines. A win win for all.

Your own branded app or ecommerce site

Find a plug and play solution or something a little more custom tailored, so you can painlessly sell your goods online.

Synced to Kounta

All orders flowing in online sync directly to your production workflows in Kounta.