Manage order production and delivery

Print production dockets where you need them

Connect an unlimited number of receipt and production printers to Kounta and define what gets printed where. Receipts at the counter, food in the kitchen, drinks in the bar, etc.

At the counter

Print customer receipts at the counter complete with your business name, website, number, etc.

In the kitchen

Print food items from each order on a production docket in the kitchen.

Kounta POS for bars
At the bar

Print drink items from each order at the bar for fullfilment by bar staff.

kounta bump screen

Manage orders
on a 
bump screen

Get rid of the dockets and manage order production on a bump screen. The bump screen add on by Kounta can turn any iPad into a dedicated bump screen, or you can send orders to a number of 3rd party bump screen apps.

Manage tables with ease

Build a table layout that matches your venue, assign orders to tables and see at a glance which tables are available, which ones haven’t ordered yet, and which ones need service.

Create custom table layouts

Use the drag and drop layout builder to create a view of tables that matches your venue exactly.

Assign orders to tables

Assign orders to tables and the table numbers are automatically added to production dockets, ensuring the right food goes to the right table.

See table status at a glance

Improve service and increase sales by seeing what tables haven't ordered and which ones haven't been approached in a while.

manage tables

Manage inventory without
the effort

Get a real-time understanding of stock levels so you never run out of anything again. Input purchases as they come in the door and Kounta automatically deducts sales and wastage from your stock levels.

manage inventory
Quickly input purchases

Easily input your stock purchases into Kounta using the simple interface.

Automatically deduct sales

When items are sold through the POS, Kounta automatically deducts the item from the inventory.

Easily record wastage

Easily record wastage when products expire or are damaged.

Get real-time inventory reports

View real-time reports on your inventory so you know exactly what you have and what you need to reorder.