Get detailed reports on your business

Track key metrics

in real time from anywhere

Get real-time updates on your key metrics - like 
number of sales and total takings - from any device at any location, and keep up to date on how the day or night is progressing even when you’re not there.

Number of sales

See in real time how many sales have been made that day.

Average order size

Track the average order size in real time.

Total takings

See in real-time how much revenue you've made that day.

Business reports with customers on Kounta Point of Sale (POS) System
daily takings

See daily takings and variance, even when you’re not on site.

See your daily takings from anywhere and dive deep into sales & payments data to identify and resolve variances.

Get deep insight into 
your sales

Get deep insights into your sales and make more informed decisions on how to grow with detailed reports.

Sales Over Time

See historically when you've been busy and when you haven't, and make informed decisions on how many staff you need to have on.

Sales by Product

See which products are selling and which aren't, and make informed decisions about what to sell to make the most revenue.

Sales by Staff

See which of your staff are most effective at driving upsells, and get them to share their secrets with the rest.

deep insight
track discounts

Track how discounts and promotions are performing

Track how many times your different discounts and promotions are being redeemed, and how much each one is costing you.

Monitor who’s giving refunds and why

Monitor how many refunds are being given, by who, and for what reason. Identify issues and fix them before they become a problem.

monitor refunds
export data

Export your data for advanced analysis

Export sales data out of Kounta and load it into Microsoft Excel or business intelligence tools to analyse your business in whatever way you choose.