Take orders from anywhere

Accept orders however 

your customers want to place them

Kounta accepts orders from any location and centralises them in your point of sale, making it easy to take payments, print receipts, print production dockets, and run reports.

take orders online cash register pos system by Kounta on a iPad
handle variations

Easily handle variations

Record item variations, such as no salad or extra bacon, in just a few taps and print them clearly on production dockets so that customers get exactly what they ordered.

Works with
or without internet

Take orders regardless of whether you have internet access or not. Orders are saved on the device and synced to the cloud next time you're online.

wit or without internet
assign order to tables

Assign orders to 
tables and manage them effectively

Build a table layout that matches your venue, assign orders to tables and see at a glance what tables are available, what ones haven’t ordered yet, and which ones need service.

Create custom table layouts

Use the drag and drop layout builder to create a view of tables that matches your venue exactly.

Assign orders to tables

Assign orders to tables and keep them open so they can be added to over time. Print table numbers on production dockets so everybody knows where everything goes.

See table status at a glance

Improve service and increase sales by seeing what tables haven't ordered and which ones haven't been approached in a while.

Refund orders
and identify issues

Refund orders whenever necessary and require staff to input the reason for the refund. View reports on refund reasons so you can identify issues that need addressing.

refund reason