Manage all your production
in one central place


Knowing your margins is just the first step

Recipe costing made easy

Accurate stock control

Full clarity on your COGS

Know your costs, from purchase to product

  • Cost out batches, menu items and ingredients
  • No spreadsheets or calculators required
  • Full visibility on all your margins
  • Suggested menu pricing
Theodore’s, Melbourne
1 Venue. Powered by Kounta since 2019
Theodore’s, Melbourne
Safar, Sydney
1 Venue. Powered by Kounta since 2016

Control your prep from anywhere

Plan exactly what needs to be made, and see how things are going.

  • Trackable daily prep lists
  • Monitor progress no matter where you are

Produce quality at margins you can afford

Introducing the kitchen management tool that reduces wastage, simplifies prep and maximises profitability


An easier way to manage your recipes


Advanced Recipes

Manage menu profitability without the spreadsheets


Advanced Prep

Complete traceability over your prep and production


Sonoma, Australia
10 Venues. Powered by Kounta since 2014

Maintain consistency to the highest standard

Guide your team through each process with intuitive recipes and prep instructions.

  • Record yield and variances
  • Compare to past reports
  • Adjust recipes to minimise wastage

Gain the benefits of automatic & accurate inventory

Reduce time spent stocktaking and re-ordering by knowing exactly what you need to order and when you need it.

  • Live stock levels
  • Connected to POS & Purchase
Theodore’s, Melbourne
1 Venue. Powered by Kounta since 2019


More control and fewer mishaps with
Kounta Produce

  • Easy recipe management

    Create, update and edit all of your recipes while staying on top of your margins

  • Flexible recipes

    Tell Produce how much you need to make and it’ll do all the maths for you

  • Healthy margins

    Track your ingredient costs that change over time and identify opportunities to optimise your menu

  • Spreadsheet free workflows

    No more hacky formulas and broken cell references – focus on the numbers that matter, not the calculations

  • No more messy whiteboards

    Use a digital prep list that shows you everything you need to know, no matter where you are


“Produce gives me the precision to track every batch, recipe and all stock used in production.”

– Lil Darlin, Surry Hills

Make selling easy no matter your workflow

Quick to setup, easy to use, and simple to manage, Kounta POS gives you everything you need.

Always have the right amount of stock on hand

Smart, mobile-friendly ordering that takes the guesswork out of purchasing and automates your regular orders.

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