doesn't have to suck

We've made purchasing stress-free and mobile friendly so your whole team will be happy using it.

Take the effort out
of purchasing

Over the years, we’ve somehow become used to purchasing product through a dizzying array of methods—emailing, texting, calling, or even faxing.

But how do you ensure you order the right amount, every time? How easily can you cross check what's received against what was ordered? How do you manage regular orders from your suppliers?

With Kounta Purchase, getting stock into your business is simple, traceable, and connected to your inventory, reporting, and accounting systems for dream like efficiency


Reduce confusion

One simple way to purchase means your team knows what to get, from who and when.


Simple and accountable

Compare what gets delivered with what was ordered to ensure you’re only paying for what you received.


Kill manual data entry

Once your products are received, your purchase orders sync directly to accounting.

Your single source of truth for all purchasing activities

Everything you need to purchase is housed in one central place. If an item is missing from a delivery or a key purchaser is out, it’s super simple to review past orders, trace what went wrong, see what needs to be ordered, or what needs to be received.


Always have the right amount of stock on hand

Purchase alerts you when stock is needed and prepares a purchase order for each of your suppliers. POs sync to your connected accounting platform for ease of payment and reconciliation.

It’s like your own hyper efficient assistant.

Welcome to automatic COGs and inventory bliss

Purchase records prices (and fluctuations) for every item you buy, and automatically adds them as stock ready to produce or sell in Kounta.


Mobile every step of the way


Pick your products, add delivery notes, set par levels, and order away.


Create schedules for your regular orders to be created in draft, then sent automatically at specified times.


View your incoming orders, mark stock as received, and note missing items.


Sync received orders to your accounting package, without the manual data entry.

iPhone with Purchase by Kounta POS iPhone with Purchase by Kounta POS iPhone with Purchase by Kounta POS iPhone with Purchase by Kounta POS

Painless efficiency

Purchase feels and works like the POS, making it easy to learn and use. And with compounding efficiencies you’ll wonder how you ever purchased any other way.

Do a whole lot more with a whole lot less


More accurate COGs


Less deadstock


Less waste


More coin in pocket


More time, more projects


A better world for all


"Kounta Purchase helps streamline the the whole purchasing, receiving and cost management process."

Jonathon Gam

Revolutionise the way
you purchase