Purchase Evolution

The most efficient way to get & manage stock

Watch and learn how Kounta Purchase takes the stress out of purchasing to give you dreamlike efficiency.

Purchasing is evolving

207 BC
Smoke signals
Orders billow in, but ancient butchers assume you want all your meat smoked.
630 AD
Carrier pigeons
The first PO is flown and simultaneously dropped.
1923 AD
Fax machine
Magically appearing POs that also disappear into thin air.
1971 AD
Supplier inboxes start getting stuffed up.
1992 AD
Another monkey wrench thrown into a web of ordering processes.
2019 AD
Kounta Purchase
The easy way to order manage, and report on stock.

From smoke signals to “effing amazing”

– Quote by Craig Donovan, Sonoma Bakery

Modern day purchasing shouldn’t be a joke. So, we’ve made ordering stock more traceable and less of a cluster <insert whatever word feels right, but we all know there’s only one!>

Staff always know what to get, from who and when

No need to be on site to order accurately

Full receiving history and purchase sync means no stress for accounts

Stop wasting valuable time on ordering

With Purchase, there’s no looking up products your supplier offers as you’ll see their full list; a streamlined ecommerce layout lets you order in a few thumb-taps; and there’s no manually checking stock levels because you’ll see stock on hand in Purchase.

Purchase Evolution

Always have the right amount of stock on hand

Thanks to our whip smart automation rules, Purchase ensures you never have too much or too little stock on hand. Start with weekly recurring orders and graduate to AI resupply.

Purchase Evolution

See your true cost of goods, without the work

When stock is ordered through Kounta Purchase, cost of goods are automatically recorded. So, you can make sure every product you sell delivers you a juicy profit over time.

Purchase Evolution

(and faster) to learn

From buttons to layouts, Kounta Purchase borrows many nav elements from Kounta POS, which means if your team can sell on POS, they can buy on Purchase without much training.

How it works






Pick the products you want and add delivery notes.

Recurring orders create draft POs that send automatically at specified times.

See incoming orders, mark stock as received, and alert suppliers when items are missing.

Once your products are received, POs sync directly to your accounting platform.

Add Kounta Insights to see COGS now and over time.

“Kounta Purchase helps streamline the whole purchasing, receiving and cost management process.”

Jonathon Gam

Best of all,
the essentials are free


Everything to get product into your business from one central location

  • Manage suppliers and their products
  • Create, place & receive PO's
  • Enter invoice numbers when receiving
  • Get supplier order reminders so no one forgets


Set and forget purchasing. Because we remember for you.

$40 per site, per month
  • Create recurring orders at any frequency
  • Set par levels & see stock on hand for accurate ordering
  • Add images upon delivery to manage discrepancies
  • Sync purchase orders to accounting

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