Kounta's Top Tips

The busy season has kicked off!

So, here are our top tips to get you through the next couple of months as smoothly as possible.

Beat the Queues

As it gets busier and you really wish that you had an extra person taking orders, you now can.

Add an extra register to your Kounta account to keep your queues short and your service times low during your peak periods.


➔ Add an Extra Register

Taming your table service

If your venue has tables, then streamlining your table service could be the key to unlocking smoother service.

With a live floor-plan, you can quickly see which tables are available to quickly seat guests on arrival, know the status of each table, and modify your layout on the fly. The Kounta Tables add-on ensures your customers always receive superior service - while improving turnover & sales.


➔ Enable Kounta Tables

Create Customer Accounts

Christmas parties and end of year events are quickly filling up the calendar - you need a way to keep track of all of those unpaid orders.

Create accounts for your customers, send invoices & statements, and seamlessly take payments.

Take this to the next level and connect your accounts directly to your accounting platform to offer businesses or your regulars an easier way to pay with direct debit which syncs straight back to Kounta.


➔ Enable Customer Accounts


Integrate your Payments

With the industry moving further away from cash payments and towards card or app payments. If you aren’t already, now is the time to break free from the prison of time spent counting and tracking cash.

Connect your payments directly to your POS for a faster error-free checkout that can save you 4 hours a week in reconciling, banking, and data entry.


➔ Explore Kounta Payments

Polish your prices

There are a lot of situations where the prices for certain products you sell might change day to day or hour by hour -

  • Happy Hour Promotions
  • Weekend Pricing
  • Public Holiday Surcharges

or you might just need different prices for each new site you open.

Build powerful pricing rules for individual products, categories or your whole menu which will then switch on automatically for the hours or days that you choose.


➔ Enable Price Lists

Prepare your purchase schedule

Your team should always know when and what to order, who to order it from, and what is due for delivery - regardless of who's on shift.

Kounta will manage your supplier records, cost prices for every purchase, update inventory levels when stock is received, and sync to your accounting platform.


➔ Explore Kounta Purchase

Roster the right staff

Labour is one of the biggest expenses in your business, and as it gets busier, it gets a lot harder to know exactly when you should be cutting or adding labour hours to match all that extra demand.

What hour is your kitchen the busiest?

When does your rush hour actually start or finish?

Which day of the week do you need extra prep?

Get the answers to all of these questions so you can stop guessing and start using data to fully maximise your bottom line this holiday season.


➔ Explore Kounta Insights

Connect to your Customers

Ordering ahead from your favourite restaurant, cafe, or bar is a great way to serve your customers.

Whether you are looking to enable your customers to order from their table, order before they arrive, or place an order for delivery or take away, allowing customers to order the way they want to is a win-win.

Connect your customers directly to your POS & kitchen for a seamless customer experience.


➔ Explore Ordering Ahead

Introducing Insights Lite

Now is the perfect time to start putting your data to work, get insights into your business and make fast, informed & revenue driving decisions.

Whether you need to know when to add staff to cover your busiest hours, which menu items are underperforming, how your average transaction value is trending, or you’re keen to keep an extra close eye on your cash reconciliations & staff performance, Insights gives you the data you need to make changes on the fly without guesswork.


➔ Explore Kounta Insights

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