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Upcoming Masterclasses

Inventory Basics: Starting with Purchasing

Get up to speed with Kounta 's latest efficiency boosting tool a.k.a Kounta Purchase, the most efficient way of getting stock into your business. In this masterclass, we will cover the below skills (and more)

• Build an ordering workflow that any of your staff can follow
• Set order reminders and recurring orders
• Manage PAR levels to better manage your stock levels

Reporting Basics: Last Weeks Insights

Start leveraging your data to make decisions that improve your business in days, not weeks. Here are just a few skills you’ll learn if you join this masterclass

• Interpreting hourly sales to lift ATV and revenue, while reducing labour
• Reporting on groups of products to reveal hidden revenue opportunities
• Leveraging the most improving products report

Best of all, you’ll be able to access all of the reports we’ll show you in the free version of Kounta Insights, our new reporting tool.

POS Optimisation: Menu Structure & Workflows

Find the best balance of speed and accuracy to make sure your guests get asked the right questions, at the right time. Doesn’t matter who is behind your Kounta, an efficient and consistent experience will drive higher ATV & better guest satisfaction.

• Match your service style with your menu
• Reduce mistakes when taking orders
• Maximise upsells with automated promotions and price lists

After this masterclass, you'll be able to make improvements to your menu workflow in minutes, without having to retrain your staff.

Team spotlight

A balanced blend of
hospitality and technical experts

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Craig Wainstein

Senior Account Manager

Combining his experience with Apple, and retail ops, Craig helps business owners maximise operations using the entire Kounta Platform.

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Ed Randow-Stone

Head of Customers

Having worked extensively in bars & restaurants, Ed will help you discover, roll out, and optimise your ideal business solution with Kounta.

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Justin Chambers

Product Owner

Working his way up through the ranks, then managing his own business, Justin joined Kounta to help build features to help business owners to do more with less.