Owning and operating a full service restaurant is no easy feat. It’s the only type of business that can be classified as small and still have a complicated org chart—management, hosting, wait, kitchen, and bus staff. With so many moving parts, you need something to tie it all together. With Kounta, you’ll get much more than just a pretty new register for cashing out customers. You’ll get a full service restaurant POS system that unifies all these moving parts into one interface. Table layouts let your hosts manage the dining room floor and assign tables to your wait staff. Tablets bring the POS tableside, and ordering a menu item deducts the appropriate amount of ingredients from inventory. Orders are sent wirelessly to the kitchen or the drink station, which you can define at the item level. Of course, you also get a totally flexible point of sale which makes even the most routine tasks—applying discounts, splitting payments, tipping—so easy they feel like modern innovations. Kounta was designed with hospitality in mind, and features like these make it the perfect POS for restaurants.

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Smart Point of Sale features for any type and size business

Cloud based

Sign in and work from anywhere. Your sales, products and reports are always available, always safe, and always up to date.

What is the cloud?

Works on any device

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Online and Offline

Kounta works both Online and Offline, once your internet connection is restored your sales are backed up to the cloud.

How does it work offline?

Feature Rich

Kounta comes with powerful features like inventory management, real-time reports and analytics, CRM, loyalty and much more.

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Kounta connects to the best online and mobile services like payments, accounting, loyalty, e-commerce, rostering and more.

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You take care of your customers’ meals—we’ll take care of our customers’ IT. Kounta is software that’s meant to be helpful and easy for you to use; traditional POS software for restaurants, with their expensive servers and accompanying maintenance, are more often like obstacles you have to deal with. Kounta is different: the software lives on servers in our data centers. When server hardware needs to be upgraded, we do it. When we release a new version of Kounta, we update it on the servers. We run and encrypt your backups for you, constantly and each day. All you need to do is purchase the equipment for use at the the actual point of sale—tablet, computer, or smartphone—and access our servers. And though Kounta is cloud software, you’re covered if you lose network access.

Restaurant POS Features:

  • Open tabs and table layouts keep you organized and ready for anything, even during the busiest times
  • Wireless printing sends food orders directly to the kitchen and drink orders right to the bar
  • Advanced tipping features can be used before, during, or after processing payment, and automatically tally how much cash will cover credit card payments

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Kounta keeps going without a connection, saving the records of each transaction on each register, and then sending the data back to us when it comes back online. That dedication to security doesn’t stop there, though. We also integrate with mobile payments like Apple Pay which obscure your customers’ credit card data, and are fully EMV compliant—in both cases, account information never passes through Kounta, eliminating the fear of a security breach.

Kounta is available 24/7, from anywhere that you are. We can’t promise you’ll work shorter hours, but you’ll have much greater say over where you work them. Since your data lives in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere. All it takes is a web browser or our iOS app and it’s the same as if you were sitting at your restaurant. You can keep tabs on your inventory and cut purchase orders to your suppliers, manage employee time and payroll, export numbers to your accounting software, redo the menu—you get the idea. And if you ever get a day off while your restaurant is open, you can still check in and keep an eye things. From your dashboard, real time data shows you revenue for the day and other insights as to how things are going. Run reports and see how that special of the day is selling; identify menu items that just don’t sell. Update price lists, contact your customers—it’s all in there. It’s a restaurant Point of Sale system that meets you where you’re at.


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