Retail Point Of Sale

A Retail Point of Sale System Robust Enough For A Megastore, But Priced For Yours

Customise your Retail Venue’s Point of Sale

Customise your point of sale to work exactly how you need it within your Retail establishment. Easily set-up multiple sites and registers, add products and variations, set prices, taxes and surcharges and link up your payment systems and printers.


Take orders from anywhere

Use your tablet or mobile device to take orders at the counter, at the table or via online ordering apps. Easily handle variations and add notes, names and tables to orders.

Handle payments quickly

Quickly take payments at the counter, at the table or via online ordering apps. Use Kounta’s Retail Point of Sale App to split bills, add tips, apply surcharges - you can accept cash, credit cards, account sales and more.


Easily manage order production & delivery

Assign orders to tables, takeaway or delivery, and instantly print production dockets or receipts from connected printers.

Build relationships 
with your customers

Collect customer details right from your Point of Sale system, and offer VIP discounts or promotions that drive sales and revenue.


View detailed reports on
your business

Keep up to date by viewing real-time reports on daily sales, even when you're not at the venue. Kounta’s Point Of Sale software tracks all your sales in real time - so you can see which products are selling, what times of day you're busy, and who your best performing staff are.

Integrate your Retail Venue’s Point of Sale with other technologies

Increase efficiency by integrating your point of sale with the other technologies you use, including payment terminals, accounting software, employee scheduling tools, loyalty programs and more.


“Overall, Kounta has saved us a lot of time in a variety of different areas of the business. The easy integrations means the management of our Pasty production is hugely simplified so staff can just get on with what needs to be done, accounting admin is non-existent and rostering is much simpler.”

Sanna Bedford



Growing your hospitality business is easy on Kounta

Easy to use

Kounta's intuitive design makes it quick and easy to set up, train staff, and start taking orders.

Affordable and scalable

Choosing Kounta saves you thousands in setup costs, and it can be easily expanded as you grow or to match seasonality.

Real-time, in depth reporting

Quickly view real-time sales totals even when you're not at the venue, or dig into performance by product, staff, register, site, and more.

Accessible from anywhere

View reports, update menus or change prices from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Time saving integrations

Save time by integrating Kounta with your payment terminal, accounting software, staffing tools, loyalty programs, and more.

Hospitality's best support

From setup to ongoing support, our team are experts in hospitality and available 24/7 to ensure your Point of Sale is always ready to sell.

Customer service is key for retail. It’s not so different with software.

Kounta isn’t software, it’s Software as a Service: this means we’re not selling you something once, we’re providing you with ongoing service for the life of your subscription. No need to worry about installing expensive servers and hiring consultants for upgrades. Likewise, you don’t have to worry about backing up or securing your data. We take care of all that for you, with Kounta being hosted and run from our own servers in our data centers, with all your data encrypted with the same technology used by banks and credit card companies.


Kounta’s Retail
Point of Sale Features


Item variants allow for endless combinations of size and color.


Customer tools can be used to create house accounts, track individual sales, and organize promotions.


Keep the line moving by bringing the register to your customers.

Kounta’s open for business 24/7, even if your store is 9 to 5.

No matter where you are, or what time of day, internet access is all you need to manage your store. Kounta does it on the premises, it does it from your house. Inventory, reporting, employee time, accounting, customer relationships, and a host of add-ons such as Loyalty/Rewards programs, online selling, and more are never more than a mouse click—or finger tap—away. We’ve been rapidly expanding our footprint in our home country of Australia, but there’s no reason we can’t keep doing that throughout the world

wit or without internet

“Overall Kounta has made our business easier to run, both from a day-to-day and an ongoing business management perspective. Ultimately, saving time on admin tasks and making us more efficient means we can focus on improving service, selling more and working on our business. What’s more, I can do all of this from home.”

Sanna Bedford