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With a relentless focus on hospitality, Kounta helps businesses become more efficient and more profitable.
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more every year!

We’re no longer stuck with the clunky workflows that limit hospitality to “the way we’ve always done things” - With Kounta by your side growing revenue, reducing costs, and saving time is just the beginning.

Let's break down your annual ROI to see where your future could take you.

*Potential results outlined in this calculator are estimates based on real data and feedback from Kounta customers. Hospitality is a challenging industry, so your actual results may vary. Kounta is unable to guarantee that your business will achieve the revenue and savings projected by this ROI calculator.

Increase your annual revenue by $00,000

Kounta helps you deliver a superior customer experience for superior profits.

Put your data to work and make informed & revenue driving decisions - Track all your workflows, see when to add staff to boost your busiest hours, or which products are your most profitable to make seamless changes on the fly.

Connect your payment solution and enable your customers to pay with card, crypto, or any other app payments. Quick, seamless, and error-free payment experience for you and your customers.

Open a new order channel and connect to your customers wherever they are ordering. Enable your customers to communicate directly to your production areas - from the counter or bar, sitting at their table, or ordering ahead via app.

With a platform of tools for everything from ordering stock to taking orders, Kounta connects you to your business in ways you didn’t think possible.

*During their first 12 months, segment customers see their month over month growth increase by an average of 0%.  Kounta customers also increase their average transaction value by 0.

Save 00 hours &
$00,000 serving customers each year

Producing an Order
Payment Processing
Taking an Order

For every second you waste is a second you could spend delivering killer customer experiences.

It starts with instant communication from your POS straight to the kitchen or bar so that you can start prepping for a table before you’ve even left it.

Kounta's intuitive design means that when you are building complex combo deals, happy hour specials or Sunday surcharges, your staff are not tripped up. Set automations or prompted questions to enable your team to deliver better experiences, faster.

Kounta Payments streamlines the entire checkout process. No more keying errors and seamless transactions mean you don’t need you to do the maths on for change ever again.

*We surveyed our customers and found that on average, teams using Kounta save a total of 1 minute and 52 seconds for every customer they serve.

Cut the fat & save $00,000 each year in admin time

Escape from the prison of time spent counting cash and missing money.

As the industry trends further away from cash with 69% of customers using card or order ahead style apps, if you aren't already, now is the time to join the future.

Make it easy for your staff to cash out at the end of the day. Sales taken through integrated payments automatically sync to Kounta, which also means you don’t have to pay staff to do it manually. Connect your accounting integration to cut your data entry completely and have all the information your accountant needs in one place.


*Customers using Kounta with integrated payments & accounting saved an average of 4 hours per week in reconciling cash, completing banking, and data entry into your accounting package.

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Reduce the cost of your hardware & support by $4,200

If you thought that getting your hardware connected was best left to expensive pros, then think again - whether you are using hardware you have inherited or plan on buying new gear, setting up Kounta and connecting your hardware is a breeze. You'll be up and running on Kounta in days, not weeks.

We don’t rely on any particular system to give you the tools you need - whether you’d prefer iOS, Android or Windows - choose what works for you and don't pay thousands for custom antique gear.

Setting up and managing your business doesn’t need a degree - we have a plethora of setup guides & videos to get you going. From setup to ongoing support and advice, our team of hospitality experts are here 24/7 to ensure you're always ready to sell.

Kounta is intuitive enough that even your newest staff will be taking orders solo on their first shift - or share our training videos with them to upskill on all of Kounta features.

* On average, Kounta saves customers over $4,200 in ongoing technical help when compared to running legacy systems.

How to get a return on your investments!

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How do we calculate your ROI?

All calculations are based on actual data from Kounta customers. Our Data experts have analysed the sales, payments, and growth data using our own Kounta Insights platform to calculate the results that our customers have seen since they joined the Kounta family.

Our customer research team has also spent a lot of time talking to our customers to understand in more detail how Kounta has helped them build better, more efficient businesses and offer a superior service to their customers.

Add all this to the information you provided in the ROI calculator and you get an idea of the potential to grow with Kounta.



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