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There is no doubt that the hospitality industry is growing, with new sites, brands and faces popping up every day. People expect organic produce, premium meat-alternatives and grass-fed beef on every menu, but when your costs to stay on trend are so high, how does anyone make any money?

We reached out to our customers to find the secrets to how they have been able to increase their revenue, and reduce their operating costs whilst offering a superior service to their customers.

“Don’t forget the point of your sale”

Build a business that your customers want to come and spend time at.

You’ve spent the time designing a fit out that looks good, a menu that tastes great – now your focus needs to be on delivering amazing customer service.

Whether you are a grab and go cafe or a full-service restaurant with table service, build the workflows that help your team. Just as you organise your tables into clear walkways, organise your POS to be easy to use and being an industry with such a high staff turnover, make sure that it doesn’t take hours to learn.

Implementing tools to optimise the workflow for staff taking orders has saved the customers we spoke to an average of 1 minute and 52 seconds for every customer they serve.

That’s a lot of time over the course of a few thousand customers.

“Finally, we’ve actually been able to sell a lot more in stores because we can keep the queues down and the orders flowing. In fact, I would estimate that we make an additional $1,000 an hour or more in our Sydney store using Kounta”

Abdullah Ramay, Pablo & Rusty’s

“Take advantage of new technological innovations like ‘pay ahead’ apps”

How can you afford to keep accepting cash?

The landscape has changed and technology has not only lowered costs enough to make credit payments and order ahead app payments not only within reach but affordable.

The landscape has changed and technology has not only lowered costs enough to make credit payments affordable, but app-payments are now in the palm and order ahead app payments not only within reach but affordable.

Customers are making a strong move away from cash with 69% of customers are paying with credit, EFTPOS, or App-based payment platforms like Hey You, Liven or any number of custom apps.

All of these payments need to be reconciled with your sales at the end of each day, so it makes sense to have these tools talking to each other.

Automatic reconciliation between your payment provider, your POS, and your accounting platform and a distinct reduction in having to make a trip to a bank with bags of cash will save the average hospitality business 208 hours per year – that’s an average of 4 hours per week.

“Before Kounta, we had to manually calculate the sales figures for each week. It took hours and because it was retrospective, we could never do anything to try to improve it. Now with Kounta, we can see how sales are progressing in real-time across multiple venues, and we can do it from home, overseas, wherever.”

Richard Adamson, Young Henry’s

“Hardware shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg”

Whether you are using the hardware you inherited, or buying new it shouldn’t cost you anywhere near $20,000 to set up the tools you need to make money.

But you will need to make sure you have the right hardware from the start. And generally, that free router you got given generally won’t be up to the task. Plan your workflows for your stations before you start the fit out, so you aren’t scrambling to add in power or data points after you’ve finished the build.

There is a strong trend away from paper-based dockets which are a good option if you are looking to save money on printer rolls, or simply don’t have the room for the cables.

Whether you are going paper-free or have a printer for every station, plan before you buy. Look at what the ongoing costs will be? Are you buying or the infamous “renting” hardware? Are there unknown support costs?

“Between the reduction in costs and increase in sales, Kounta has played a significant role in helping P&R grow.”

Abdullah Ramay, Pablo & Rusty’s

All calculations are based on actual data from Kounta customers. Our team of data specialists analysed the sales, payments, and growth data using our own Kounta Insights platform to calculate these results that they’ve achieved since they joined the Kounta family.

Our customers have also told us how Kounta has helped them build better, more efficient businesses and offer a superior service to their customers through multiple surveys to help us calculate the amount of time that they save with Kounta.

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