Web Based Point Of Sale System

Oh, What An Untangled Web Point of Sale We Weave.

Customise your web based Point of Sale system

With Kounta you can customise your web based Point of Sale to work exactly how you need it. It’s easy to set-up multiple sites and registers, add products and variations, set prices, taxes and surcharges and link up your payment systems and printers.

online cash register pos system by Kounta on a iPad
take orders online cash register pos system by Kounta on a iPad

Take orders from anywhere with a web based Point of Sale

With a web based Point of Sale (POS) you can ring up customers at a front end register, or bring a web enabled device right to your customers and make sales that way. Easily handle variations and add notes, names and tables to orders.

Handle payments quickly

Quickly take payments at the counter, at the table or via online ordering apps - with a web based Point Of Sale system anything is possible. Use the POS to split bills, add tips, apply surcharges - you can accept cash, credit cards, account sales and more.

take payments with online cash register pos system by Kounta on a iPad
Organising production on Kounta Point of Sale (POS) System

Easily manage order production & delivery from the web

Assign orders to tables, takeaway or delivery, and instantly print production dockets in the kitchen, bar or wherever it needs to be produced.

Build relationships 
your customers

Collect customer details and store them on the web. Offer VIP discounts or promotions that drive sales and revenue. Just go to the URL to access all your customer data, no plugins to install, no libraries to update.

Kounta Point of Sale (POS) System
Business reports with customers on Kounta Point of Sale (POS) System

View detailed reports on your business, right from the web

Keep up to date by viewing real-time reports on daily sales, even when you're not at the venue. The web based point of sale stores all your business information in the cloud - so you can always see which products are selling.

Integrate your web based Point of Sale with other technologies

Increase efficiency by integrating your web based point of sale with the other technologies you use, including payment terminals, accounting software, employee scheduling tools, loyalty programs and more.

Kounta Point of Sale (POS) System intergration partners for Mac

"Since using Kounta, we have saved an enormous amount of time manually pulling together sales numbers. We have real-time data showing us how we are performing and we can easily compare it to previous weeks or years to see whether we’re improving”

Richard Adamson



Growing your hospitality business is easy on Kounta

Easy to use

Kounta's intuitive design makes it quick and easy to set up, train staff, and start taking orders.

Affordable and scalable

Choosing Kounta saves you thousands in setup costs, and it can be easily expanded as you grow or to match seasonality.

Real-time, in depth reporting

Quickly view real-time sales totals even when you're not at the venue, or dig into performance by product, staff, register, site, and more.

Accessible from anywhere

View reports, update menus or change prices from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Time saving integrations

Save time by integrating Kounta with your payment terminal, accounting software, staffing tools, loyalty programs, and more.

Hospitality's best support

From setup to ongoing support, our team are experts in hospitality and available 24/7 to ensure your Point of Sale is always ready to sell.

Point of Sale for web is Point of Sale that’s worldwide

With all your data sitting securely on the web, you won’t ever lose control of your business again. Fire up your web browser, login to your Kounta dashboard, and get immediate business feedback. Find out what’s selling, what isn’t, and how much you’ve earned that day. Send marketing emails to your customers, check in on employee attendance, or look to see if your inventory needs to be replenished. With a web based point of sale you can make smarter business decisions.

wit or without internet
Android POS

Web based Point of Sale Features

With web based Point of Sale software you’ll have a central location for all your data, managed and backed up by us, keeps everything secure. Kounta works even when your connection goes down. Having your Point of Sale on the web means you can make sales from any hardware that can run Safari or Chrome.

Web Based POS that doesn’t sacrifice security

There’s a lot of important data that Kounta maintains for you, and we don’t take its security lightly. Our servers are located in data centers in our home of Australia, staffed by professionals who keep an eye on the network and systems - all your data is encrypted using the same technology that banks use. We take care of hardware upgrades and server updates, so no more costly downtime for you. With the Kounta web based point of sale, you can have peace of mind that your business data is secure.

Kounta's online cash register payment types

“Before Kounta, we had to manually calculate the sales figures for each week. It took hours and because it was retrospective, we could never do anything to try to improve it. Now with Kounta, we can sell how sales are progressing in real-time across multiple venues, and we can do it from home, overseas, wherever.”

Richard Adamson


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