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  • Create a 1 sentence headline we can use on our add-on marketplace. Check out a reference here.
  • Write a short and punchy introduction to what your Add-On on does and how it works with Kounta.
  • Please provide a list of the features that come along with integrating your software with Kounta and how they each benefit the end user.
  • List out the top three benefits Kounta users can expect when integrating with your solution. Provide a quick sentence or two for each benefit. Check out a reference here.
  • This content will be shown in the body of the Add-On listing, you may use limited HTML here to assist with formatting.
  • Upload 3-5 hi-res images that celebrate your product and how it provides value for Customers when used with Kounta.
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  • Address you want Leads sent to
  • Address you want support emails sent to
  • List all your Support phone numbers with country codes, including any international numbers if relevant.
  • Where we will redirect people interested in your app? This should be co-branded and clearly explain the value of your Add-On when connected to Kounta. We can additionally support GET parameters to streamline registration, including the following fields. First Name - fname Last Name- lname Company Name - cname Site Name - sname Email - email Phone - phone