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Get wastage in check with a powerful point of sale, reporting, and inventory management system. From ordering, all the way through to production.

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Fight food waste with better technology

You, your business, and the earth all win

With 5 million tons of food wasted yearly and 20% of hospitality businesses going under each year, it’s time for a better way. One that’s good for business and for Mother Earth.

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Making more while wasting less

Access powerful reporting for more accurate forecasts

Get complete visibility on sales trends, purchase history, and cost of goods - so you can plan better and waste less.

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Kounta - Wastage - Stock Levels

Always know stock-on-hand and limit over-ordering

Track stock movements, create recipes, and automatically adjust stock levels as you purchase stock & sell your goods - for a smarter way to manage your inventory.

See which food costs you the most in waste and why

Record wastage reasons at the Point of Sale, so you can identify problem areas and take steps to reduce the cost of wasted food in your business.

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Partnering with Australia's #1 food waste fighter

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But less food waste
is just the start

Access a powerful point of sale system bursting at the seams with everything you need to scale operations - effortlessly & profitably.

Kounta - Effortless Efficiency

Effortless efficiency

Streamline your service, automate away admin, integrate other tech and say hello to faster, smarter, more profitable operations.

Kounta - Easy to learn Simple to Use

Easy to learn, simple to manage

Get staff up and running fast. Make changes to your menu, pricing, promos and check in on sales performance wherever you are.

Kounta - Affordable and scalable

Affordable and scalable

Choosing Kounta saves you thousands in setup costs and service fees. Plus, it can be easily expanded as you grow or your needs change.

Kounta Packed with Power

Packed with power

Simplify the traditional struggles: getting & managing stock, coordinating production, table layouts and 99 other hospo headaches.

Kounta - Fast, intelligent reporting

Fast, intelligent reporting

Don't waste hours stitching together your own reports. See the metrics that matter at a glance, or dive deep into your data for well informed decision making.

Kounta - Hospitality's best support

Hospitality’s best support

From setup to ongoing support and advice, our team of hospitality experts are here 24/7 to ensure you're always ready to sell.

Get the tech hospitality's best
depend on to grow

Because modern, connected technology is the difference between boom or bust.