Add more value to your brand.

Kounta White is a Point of Sale solution “powered by Kounta” for
established brands looking to enable a turnkey Point of Sale solution.

“Powered by”

See the full featured power of Kounta behind your own brand and visual identity.

Turn Key

Quickly integrate with your existing products and services to offer an all-in-one Point of Sale experience.

Native Enterprise Capability.

Enterprise Point of Sale out of the box.

Powerful Platform

Kounta’s platform is a powerful Point of Sale tool that enhances your business.


Keep your internal and external brand identity and visual communication.


Get a fully customized solution for your specific needs and brand values.

Upgrade With Ease

Never fall behind with a Kounta.

Our platform is yours.

Get the best performance and support from your Point of Sale.

Advanced API

At Kounta’s core lies a modern RESTful API allowing you to integrate and control all aspects of your stores building on Kounta.

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Bank Level Security

Kounta uses the same 128-bit encryption and physical security that banks use. Our practices are monitored and verified constantly, making Kounta even more secure and reliable than traditional Point of Sale.

Early access to new features

Advanced access to Kounta’s latest features exposes your business to platform and feature innovations before the rest of the world.

Invisible IT

Minimise IT hardware and labour costs to a fraction of traditional legacy point of sale systems using Kounta’s highly distributed, full featured platform and infrastructure.

Constant upgrades. No interruptions

We’re always adding new features and functionality to Kounta. Updates happen automatically and quietly, allowing you and your stores to continue with business as usual.

Sleep Easy

Kounta’s availability is handled by our dedicated team, instead of being isolated and dependent on your own single-instance server. Our sharded and multi-clustered database servers can handle demanding retail situations with ease.

How it works.

Focus on your business. Let us look after your stores.
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