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POS for Hospitality or Retail: One App to Rule Them All

Do one thing.  Do them both well. No, that’s not a typo.  It’s the multi-functioner’s credo, a nugget of wisdom that informs those brave and inventive spirits who seek to get more use out of a single tool.  Like a [...]

Kounta Launches Restaurant POS in the US with Boomtown White Glove Services

Kounta and Boomtown partner to help restaurants seamlessly transition to next-generation point-of-sale technology Kounta, the cloud based POS designed with restaurants in mind, continues to lay a foundation in North America by way of its newly announced partnership with Boomtown. [...]

Checkout Kounta at the NRA Trade Show (Not that NRA)

You can visit us at the NRA trade show from May 16th through the 19th; we’ll be in booth #9038 in the Lakeside Center, along with our partners from Deputy, Collect, Mercury Payments, Epson and Powa.  Stop by and check out how we do checkout.   The first taste [...]

Email Marketing 101 by MailSync

Our friends from MailSync talk about email marketing and share 4 easy steps that help make the process of emailing out hassle-free. The pressure for retailers to get more informed about their customers and smarter about how they market to [...]

20 Apps for Restaurateurs (Besides Kounta)

Ahh, hipsters.  Is there anybody who doesn’t sneer at them?  But why is that?  I mean, sure, you only have to look at an egregious affront to taste and decency like that artisanal mayonnaise shop in Brooklyn to say, “That’s why, [...]

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