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How to Save Money with a Cloud Scheduling and Time Clock System

People take great pride in companies they built from the ground up. Yet, any business owner or manager attempting to manage a team larger than a couple of employees in a shed in the backyard knows how challenging that process [...]

On the Rise: Sonoma Bakery

  There’s that iconic scene in the movie Ghost, when Patrick Swayze sits behind Demi Moore at the pottery wheel as they sensually shape a lump of clay into an obvious metaphor.  I remember watching that movie and thinking two [...]

Kounta Culture: Uncle Ming’s Bar

When I was 17, I went looking for summer work as a waiter, but was uniformly rejected by all the restaurants I applied to.  There was something about my demeanor that made interacting with the public a less than ideal [...]

You Need EMV on your POS ASAP, OK?

It seems that everywhere I go these days, people are talking about the new-ish EMV standard for credit card payments. This tells me two things. One, that there’s a lot of confusion about the new authentication technology behind credit payments. [...]

An Apple Pay Keeps the Hackers Away

I remember the first time I held an iPad in my hands.  It felt like the future had been wrapped up in this slim little device, and as I swiped my fingers left and right across the screen, tapping icons [...]

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