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10 of Sydney’s Hottest Cafe’s you have to visit this Summer

Single Origin Roasters You’ll get your coffee, a thoughtful seasonal feed and all the details about your brew in one sitting. Coffee fans converge on this café and brew bar which has its Roast Works in Botany. When you decide on [...]

Let’s Get Sociable: Promoting Your Restaurant on Social Media

If you’re a restaurant owner and you’ve been investigating ways to market your restaurant, it’s very likely you’ve come across the phrase “social media” one or two million times. It’s been a full 10 years since Facebook debuted and changed [...]

5 Ways to Keep Your Customers Hungry for the Holidays

Photo by Diariocritico de Venezuela Apparently, November marks the beginning of something called “The Holiday Season.”  You may not have heard of this—it receives very little press coverage or attention—but it turns out that December is a very big deal [...]

Join Us for a Webinar about Joining Us

Since the beginning of 2012, Kounta has been slowly but steadily developing into the mature, hospitality-focused POS that has earned us recognition, awards, and a world-wide user base.  Our cloud based solution means that we’re able to offer top-notch software [...]

Money 2020: November 2-5, Aria, Las Vegas

Ah, Las Vegas.  Millions of people flock to this city in the middle of the Mojave Desert every year, leaving billions of dollars in their wake. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, indeed.  In a place where so much [...]

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