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Retail Friction Points: What They Are, and Why You Should Never Say “Friction Points”

Some people should not be allowed to coin phrases.  Two such people are Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg, who co-wrote the book Waiting for Your Cat to Bark.  Apparently, the Eisenberg brothers had never heard of the term “bottleneck” when they [...]

Kounta Parts: Collect Rewards Integration

I took my kids to a pizza place earlier in the week, and when I asked them what they wanted as a topping, my son contorted his face into a familiar expression that says, “Capitalism is oppressing me with too [...]

Kounta Culture: Meet Ruby’s Diner

  Kounta Culture: Meet Ruby’s Diner from Kounta on Vimeo. In 1872, the legend goes, a man by the name of Walter Scott invented what is now known as a “diner.”  He worked part time as a typesetter at the [...]

The Cloud – The Future of Retailing?

In the battle between online and offline retail stores, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see who’s winning the race. We find ourselves in a world where everything and everyone is connected through the Internet of Things, [...]

14 must-have iPad Apps for restaurants

When it comes to the delicate balancing act that is restaurant management, you should use any tips, tricks and tools available to streamline your job that will ultimately enhance the overall experience for your customers. iPads are quickly infiltrating the [...]

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