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Dear North America: Kounta’s Got Your Number

That title sounds menacing, I’ll admit, with its use of a popular American idiom that usually means you and your nefarious activities have been found out.  But, really, it’s much nicer than that.  It’s a delightful play on words, if […]

There’s No Messina-round with Gelato

One of the things about our customers that we find to be incredibly validating is just how different they seem to be. I don’t mean to say that we have a diverse group of clients–we do, though,in case you were […]

Move Over Paper: Here Comes Something Greener

The old saying goes that “Cash is king,” and that may never change.  At this point in history, though, cash is king like Elizabeth is Queen: pretty much in name only.  Credit and debit cards are the preferred method of […]


Dear Retail Employees of the World, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the jig is up.  Don’t shoot the messenger here, but you should know that the bosses and so-called fatcats of the world have […]

Take the Kounta Quiz: Which Xero Are You?

Back when the internet went commercial in the early 90’s, millions of people saw its potential as a major disruptor to the way information is accessed and distributed.  Some saw as it the world’s mall, a place where anyone could […]

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