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The Josh Harrison Lightning Round:Hometown: Wilberforce
Favorite Pizza Topping: Cheese...if that doesn’t count then mushrooms always bring it home
Star Trek or Star Wars?  Star Wars
Aristotle or Socrates? Aristotle
Pick a number between 1 and 5,000. 4732
Describe yourself in one word.  Boss
November 16, 2015

Kounta Employee Spotlight: Meet Josh Harrison

By day, he’s the mild-mannered COO of Kounta. By night– well, he’s still the mild-mannered COO. We’re not so sure he ever sleeps, to be honest. For me, the biggest obstacle to working with a client on the other side […]

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Photo by adrianTNT (Flickr)
November 16, 2015

Time is Relative(ly Inconsequential When Setting Up Kounta)

How fast can you set up a POS? It’s one of those question philosophers have been grappling with for millennia, but no one has yet given a definitive answer. Because really: what is time, anyway? Is it an objective component of […]

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Photo by Anna Novoseltseva (Flickr)
November 4, 2015

Ruin a Good Time: Seven KPIs Restauranteurs Should Pay Attention To

Acronyms. IDK about you, but I don’t like them very much. Back in my blue-shirted office-bound days, I still had a writer’s mentality when it came to language. Exchanges like this were fairly common: Person: I need this thing done […]

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Photo by nblackline (Flickr)
October 23, 2015

Data: The First Thing You Need in the Last Place You Looked

I lose things a lot. When I do, I don’t even bother to look for them. Anything of mine that I can’t currently find is somewhere where I least expect it to be. Now and again, I’ll stumble across things […]

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Ever feel like you're being watched?Photo by Alexey Druzhinin (Flickr)
October 20, 2015

Some Thoughts on Jazz Music, Big Brother, and POS Reporting

Have you ever heard that thing that jazz aficionados say about their favorite musicians? “It’s not the notes he plays, it’s the notes he doesn’t play.” It’s one of those cliche-because-it’s-true cliches, because music is about more than the notes […]

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October 15, 2015

Quickly Click These Quick Keys, Please

I saw a guy watching TV while walking his dog this morning. And what I mean by that is he stood in one spot watching Key & Peele on his smartphone while his dog paced back and forth looking for […]

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Photo by James Peltzer (Flickr)
October 14, 2015

Fall, Festivals, and Food Trucks

It’s autumn in North America, and in the United States that can only mean one thing: festivals. To be fair, winter, spring, and summer are also quite busy with festivals, but roundabout September and October, things get weirdly specific. Port […]

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Image courtesy of The Top Shop
October 13, 2015

Thoughts on Summer, and Menus, and Summer Menus

By the time this is published, it will be October. For me, here in the northeast of the U.S., that means my heat is on and I’m under a blanket while I type this. For you folks down in the […]

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kounta-upgrade-icon (1)
October 10, 2015

Introducing Kounta’s New Subscription Plans

As always, we’re committed to providing more flexible pricing options for all different types and sizes of merchants, including more advanced features and support for high volume venues and franchise business so are pleased to announce new features and updates […]

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Photo by Jake Rust (Flickr)
October 7, 2015

A Fool and His Money Can Now Be Sooner Parted

There are any number of places in the checkout process where a bottleneck can occur. The most common of these is when the neck of an actual bottle jams in the grocery store conveyor belt. The second most common hindrance […]

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Photo courtesy of Epic Systems Inc. (Flickr)
October 5, 2015

A Post On Automated Actions, Written By Hand

You know that old saying that “Such and such is the greatest thing since sliced bread?” Disregard for a moment that sliced bread really isn’t that much of a breakthrough (I think the Polio vaccine was a lot more notable, […]

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October 5, 2015

Belonging – the most critical ingredient

A community is a place of choice, a space that attracts people with common interests and values to create a sense of belonging. Successful businesses define interests and values through their public image as it determines the quantity and quality […]

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