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A Look Ahead to Our Look Back at 2015

At Kounta, we’ve got our eyes on the future and we like to stay ahead of it.  In that spirit, …

By Dave Eagle

At Kounta, we’ve got our eyes on the future and we like to stay ahead of it.  In that spirit, it’s only natural that we publish a Year End blog post in November, a month ahead of schedule. And for this trip to the future, we’re going to look at the past—because you don’t know where you’re going till you understand where you’ve been.

How it looks from to us from Down Under.Photo by Jason Tester (Flickr)
How it looks from to us from Down Under.
Photo by Jason Tester (Flickr)

And we’ve been some places in the last year. We took part in the age old tradition of showing up to North America uninvited and disrupting their status quo.  We took this message to National Restaurant Association’s annual trade show back in May and put the legacy POS providers on notice. Since then, we’ve made good on our promise to win hearts and minds over there and develop a footprint with cool hospitality businesses doing cool things. But the truth is we’re still the new kid in the US, and it would be silly if we didn’t take a moment to remind them that we’re kind of a big deal here in Australia. We don’t like to toot our own horns much, but for this post? Beep! Beep!

When we set out to make our hospitality focused POS, we hoped to create something that would dazzle restaurateurs. We wanted to make something that was sleek, modern, and fully functional, a tool that would not only make running their businesses easier but boost revenue and profit.  To our surprise, we’re finding quite a few software companies feel the same way.  Last year, MYOB made their affection known and we’ve launched an all-in-one POS/Accounting solution with them. This year we continued our partnership with Epson as they released new additions to their cloud printing lineup to work with Kounta.  And we continue to work with great developers and make more add-ons available for loyalty rewards, online ordering, scheduling, and analytics.  Of course, we’re not just relying on partners to make Kounta better.  We’ve added Apple Pay as a supported payment type, and Version 4 just went live at the end of October with a host of new features aimed at improving efficiency and giving more detailed reporting.   

But while we’re proud of our technical achievements, that’s not what has us so excited.  It’s the feedback from our customers, new and old, that tells us we’re on the right path.  We’re powering some of the hottest cafes and restaurants known to humanity all over New South Wales:

Ruby’s Diner

Ruby’s Diner was named Best Cafe by Time Out Sydney last year and has only grown  more popular.  Owner Ed Devlin credits Kounta with enabling him to run Ruby’s in a more “professional” and “mistake-free” way, which translates into a superior customer experience.



Sonoma Bread, the business, is like the sourdough starter on which their first bakery was based. They take their winning recipes and replicate them out to their six locations and innumerable restaurants and cafes that buy their bread.  Having the centralised platform Kounta provides for all aspects of the business made managing their growth a breeze.

Gelato Messina

Gelato Messina trusts Kounta to keep their lines moving during their peak hours (and all the other ones, too).  It’s not uncommon for the queue to head out the door and down the street as the employees hustle and complete 500 transactions an hour


Fleet in Byron Bay is getting raves for its creative, local cuisine. With dishes often changing daily to reflect what’s available that day at market, the ease with which they can change up their menu on Kounta is key.  It also helps in managing their insanely large wine collection.

The Top Shop

The Top Shop, also in Byron Bay, is the “corner store” favorite for locals. Owner Andy Gordon liked the way Kounta worked in his cafe so much he started an entirely new business putting the POS in restaurants all over Byron Bay and Sydney.  

The list goes on and on.  From hipster coffee to epic salads to dim sum in an imitation opium den: it’s no accident that all these creative, forward thinking eateries—leaders in their field—are installing Kounta.  People who lead will only follow other leaders, and the past year has shown Kounta leading the other POS systems Australia has produced.  With this post, we’re leading the way in year-end wrap ups, as well.