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Better takings, improved supplier management and more.

We’ve spent the past month making Kounta even easier to use and it all goes […]

By Greg

We’ve spent the past month making Kounta even easier to use and it all goes live shortly.

After 11PM AEST on November 13, Kounta will briefly update as you log in, and then you’ll get access to heaps of great new features.

What’s In Store

Better Takings

You can now tally cash by cash and coin denominations for quicker, more accurate counts. Kounta also lets you hide expected cash totals from your staff doing daily counts.
Plus, takings from Tyro and Hey You are automatically finalised.

Manage Suppliers

Purchasing supplies through Kounta just got even easier. You can now add suppliers to your contact list, assign products to them, and auto-populate purchase orders.

Faster Accounts Sales

Not only is it faster to search by customer thanks to our cloud improvements, Account Sales are now separate from your regular open orders so you can easily see which orders need to be finalised.

Or get creative – you can now access Account Sales data via our API, offering heaps of possibilities for third party integrations.

We’ve also made it possible to…

  • Prompt servers to enter a price on select products, within whatever range you set
  • Show (or hide) notes, $0 modifiers, or customer info on receipts
  • Automatically assign average costs to Products
  • Take tax rates out to 3 decimals
  • Easily handle Failed Payments from Albert

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